Monica ‘The Makings of Me’ Album Preview


Here’s a preview of eight tracks off Monica’s upcoming The Makings of Me, in stores October 3rd.

“A Dozen Roses”
Assisted by Missy Elliott on this slow jam, Monica compares her man to a pair of Gucci shoes (“because whenever you walk past, all the girls be looking at you”), among other household objects. She notes that the song’s idea has been borrowed from “Ignition (Remix)”: “You remind of these things; something like R. Kelly singing ’bout a Jeep.”

“Doin’ Me Right”
The second Missy production of the album, this song features Monica strolling the aisles, looking for a fresh man to bag up and take home. “A good looka/ I gotta hook ya/ Tell the girls to get back/ Cause I already took ya.” Her voice later reaches the heavens in a gospel-like breakdown a la the vocal stylings of Destiny’s Child.

“Gotta Move On”
Strings taken from a Japanese garden scene are plucked gently – along synth samples – throughout this Missy Elliot joint. Monica gets her “Knock, Knock” on, and speaks her mind – literally – in an almost-rapping fashion.

“Sideline Ho”
“Did you meet his mom?/ Did you meet his kids? (No-o-o-o.)…Get your shit together…” Though she may be as laid back as ever on this track, Monica really digs her nails into girls’ weaves.

“Get Away”
A closing ballad, Monica finally lets go and allows herself to really explore her voice. Pushing back from the moment, the R&B diva flails her arms and announces that though she may not be in her strongest moment, she’s certainly no weakling. “I really don’t wanna sound/Like I can’t hold my ground/But everybody needs some time/That they can get away.”

“Why Her?”
Monica plays the part of the betrayed in this post-break-up lamentation. With this self-explanatory title, girls should come prepared with a fresh box of Kleenex.

“Hell No”
A sitar laces the track with relaxed runs while Monica walks – chin held high, shoulders back – over the beat. She coos, “I cried so many times, but never did it cross my mind to think of letting go.”

“Everytime Tha Beat Drop”
Monica rides along a Jermaine Dupri produced bass line last heard in Nelly’s “Grillz” for the lead single. The songstress jumps aboard the Snap Movement, trading verses with Dem Franchize Boyz.

Reported by Jeff Rosenthal

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  1. abderahim

    slt ca va bien

  2. lala


  3. Trent


  4. shy

    im sure the album will be HOT!!!!!!!!!!! the songs i heard, sideline ho, why her, and hell no are straight HOTTNESS……i can’y wait

  5. twinn

    just down load em (if u can) n listen 2 em. ive heard hell no (twista is in this song). why her. sideline ho n a dozen roses

  6. KAMA

    Well hopfully the rest of the songs are better than Eveytime the Beat Drop her first single

  7. Ne-Ne

    Lately she been posing naked…did they run out of shirts her size…she need to cover her naked ass up if she was Beoncey people would be bitching for days about that photograph!

  8. Anonymous

    Well she aint Beyonce..This is Monica, so shut up! Cant wait for the album Monica! Keep doin ya thang mama!

  9. shy

    oh please, if beyonce does jumping jacks, “you’ll ” would consider that a new dance…..MONICA is fine , looks, voice, photo’s etc… leave her alone, she takes TWO pics with no shirt and it becomes an issue……….

  10. JB

    shut up # 8, # 7 was just using an example and she’s right. Monica needs to put on some clothes.

  11. rere

    everybody shutup monica looks good

  12. rere

    oh yeah fuck u #10

  13. JB

    FUCK U #12

  14. xon

    damn she fine


    monica looks so much better and grown up her face looks really nice all that air brushing creates miracles!!!

  16. andrew

    monica is not beyonce, she was here for WAY before beyonce was even consider a hit so yall can put that beyonce comparsion in the garbage, agrueing over opinion’…that made me laugh….at least yall did something


  17. Tricey

    ^^^^^Nobody said she was Beyonce asshole!

  18. Ghandy

    Monica is the shit! Fall 06