Ghostface Killah Serves Up ‘More Fish’

More Fish.jpg

Last week at Sony Studios in New York, Def Jam hosted an exclusive album listening event for Ghostface Killah, whose new album, More Fish, is set to hit stores on December 12th. The Staten Island native rapper explained this album to be more of the street stories that fans got on his previous joint, Fishscale. Keeping with the trend of evolving hip-hop, Ghostface has offered a taste of something for everyone on this album, with upbeat bangers like “Good” which will be the first single.

The theme of the party was crystal clear, with platters of sushi available for guests among other food. On the tables that were scattered with sample CDs, there were miniature bowls with colorful fish swimming around inside. After guests ate, drank, and mingled, tracks from Ghostface’s new album began blaring on the sound system. Theodore Unit, as well as Ghostface’s son (Sun God), who’s featured on More Fish, announced tracks on the album as the crowd of music connoisseurs bobbed their heads in approval.

After a few songs, Ghostface himself arrived and circulated throughout the room, greeting guests and stopping for a few camera appearances. The listening session for the album opened up with “Miguel Sanchez,” a track featuring Sun God as well as Ghostface’s protégé rapper Trife, which was well received by most. As difficult as it is to analyze the quality of an album from a crowded listening party, it was apparent that this album contains some more beat heavy, faster tracks than Fishscale, without sacrificing that Wu-Tang bred quality.

Reported by Rajul Punjabi

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  1. ChrisB

    Finally we get some real hip hop. Wu Tang lives

  2. Jalal

    Thick robes and filets all around!!! Fuck G Unit, fuck Game, fuck all the wack Casio beats (eat a dick Pharrell and Swizz- good work on making a generation of lame-ass presets palatable to the world! Duck-ass snitches.)- time to get with what’s the realest- Theodore & co!

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