Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party


Prince arrives at Vanity Fair’s Oscar after-party at Morton’s in West Hollywood. BeyoncĂ©, Oprah, Mary J. Blige, Gwen Stefani, Nick Cannon, and more below.

oprah.jpg vf9.jpg vf8.jpg vf7.jpg vf6.jpg vf5.jpg vf4.jpg vf3.jpg vf2.jpg vf1.jpg gwen4.jpg madonna.jpg mjb10.jpg b_vanity.jpg rosario.jpg mjb_oprah.jpg

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  1. hope

    beyonce, gwen, jennifer hudson look s so nice especially beyonce and gwen stefani

  2. JC

    Jennifer Hudson looks beautiful as always…

  3. keeping it real

    Okay Prince hair is laid and he has that look in his eyes, Oprah looks old and needs a braw, Nick’s wife is outshinning him hell Whoopie Goldberg can outshine him, Gabriele is posing awkward, Anika looks flawless she the only one got it right, Eve is trying to hide extra pounds with her arm, Kanye is looking dumbfounded, Jen needs a gurtle, Jen Lopez is in the wrong error, Kimora looks a hot mess like she beat up a bird and stole it’s features,I don’t know who that is in black and white Cinderella gone hey wire, Modonna hot, Mary hot, Wycleff ew he looks ruff, beyonce look nice, and who cares about nichole and that old lady with the glsses.

  4. keeping it real

    Is that Celine? What was she thinking? And who is that lady with that wig on dressed in silver and sequence?

  5. LIsa

    #3 Thats not WYcleff. that

  6. keeping it real

    thanks Lisa who, he a hot mess too.

  7. twinn

    keeping it real(comment#3)….Hilarious. but you hattin 4real

  8. Anonymous

    keeping it real is just keeping it real i agree 100%