Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Album Cover


Here is the cover for Rihanna’s third album Good Girl Gone Bad out June 5th. She looks great, but the cover doesn’t quite go with the album title. We expected something more scandalous.

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  1. Shytazz

    i agree she looks great. but i expected more.

  2. Twa

    she looks nice, but umm yea it does not fit the title or theme of the album, but whatever. art is art.

  3. Vivian

    Yeah, I agree with chu on that. This cover gives off a more classy and sophisticated vibe. You’d expect something dark and sexy.

  4. **kEviiN**

    expected more

  5. Gisellé

    I’m getting tired of her. It’s sad that people pay attention to singers, such as her when its people out their that can SING. But she has a cross-over appeal…so I guess…

  6. FaboNick

    she shoulda been NAKED!

  7. Anonymous

    bending her back like that reminds me of _______ all she needs is hands behind her lol

  8. Anonymous

    I like it, I’m glad she’s not naked or doing something scandalous. The title is scandalous enough.

  9. Shytazz

    when is Megan Rochell going to drop her album

  10. daysa

    The title is enough, she looks good the way she is. I also think that she is a great artist. Also being Jamaican she is representing the West Indies very nicely. Right now we do not have a strong female that is doing that. So we thank America for embracing her.

  11. daysa

    She is not Jamaican I was saying that myself being a Jamican representing the West Indies which includes Rhi Rhi being from Barbados.

  12. MJ (R&B)

    My wife looks sexy.

  13. hohum

    She looks so pretty, I dig this cover man its nice to see something different for once, and that new single umbrella is hittin it, I’m coppin the album without a doubt

  14. Anonymous

    She should of had on some booty shorts, a blunt in her mouth, sitting on a dude lap or a motorcycle and throwin’ up her middle finger.

  15. Vares

    It looks like Good Girl Gone Sophisticated lol

  16. Ryan

    She should of had on some booty shorts, a blunt in her mouth, sitting on a dude lap or a motorcycle and throwin’ up her middle finger.


  17. Gisellé

    Better yet she should have been on Jay-Z’s lap, isn’t that what she do best?

  18. Devonne

    I’m a big rihanna fan but Giselle I had to laugh at that. That is evil. LOL I like this cover though but your right I was expecting something out there not like naked or on Jay Z’s lap but she could have been on a motorcycle. That would have been hot. And just to comment everyone has their own opinon so I can’t argee over that but I personally believe that the biggest and best voice isn’t always the best. Some voices are easier and smoother to listen to. I love Rihanna’s voice, So i don’t really care about all that other stuff. But no one get mad at me that’s just what I think

  19. T.N.I.C.


  20. cltim

    can we say FO HEAD..lol

  21. PEPE

    the girl is bad, sorry beyonce

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  23. lamont

    It’s a nice cover black and white a classic look I like it.

  24. Bigmyke

    The cover is nice the title is clearly only to get attention and didnt she just release an album? Im about to be tired of her like I am with Beyonce, because just like her when u throw cds together there is no substance to the music.

  25. fanjammer

    There you go.. we all have this preconceived image of what a bad girl is suppose to look like..I think a good girl gone bad literally would not change he way of dress.. The whole sexy image is hot she is classy, sophisticated and BAD… this takes me back to the movie Set it off.. instead of them being 4 black innercity women robbing bank what if they were 4 professional women.. doctor, lawyer, wall street guru, corporate executive.. they would have still been bad just more slick with it.. In my opinion that is what Rihanna is doing.. being more SLICK with it…