Mya Album Preview: ‘Liberation’


Since we’re caught up in Mya fever (Can you tell?), we thought we’d hit you off with a preview of her fourth album Liberation. The album has changed quite a bit since we first heard it last August. Noticeably absent from the current tracklisting are “Ayo” (Chris Henderson), “How We Carry” (J.R. Rotem), “Mercy” (Scott Storch), and “I Got That” (Scott Storch), the song with The Game which was one of our favorites. There were 13 tracks as of our listening session. Guests include Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and Charli Baltimore. If you don’t know by now, Liberation drops June 26th.

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1. “Liberation”

2. “I Am” featuring Charli Baltimore
Produced by Kwame

This is a song that both the fellas and ladies can get into. You have Mya holding her ground and letting everyone know that she’s holding her man down. She doesn’t just want to be his woman, but she’s “that freak, that wife, that ride or die chick.” A pleasant surprise is female rapper Charli Baltimore (replacing Penelope Jones) making her way back on the scene with her consistent raw Philly flow. Both Mya and Charli compliment the throbbing beat with their vocals.

3. “Walka Not A Talka” featuring Snoop Dogg
Produced by J.R. Rotem

Look out for this song because it’s slated to be Mya’s second single. The song begins with the sound of a siren, which instantly grabs your attention. She addresses her listeners by saying, “I never should’ve left you.” Her sound is like an innocent little Betty Boop. It’s very soft and pure even though she’s singing, “Gs up! Throw it up!” The beat gives you a feel as if you’re in a California parking lot, pimping at the drive-in movie. Snoop adds on to that organic Cali ambiance.

4. “Still A Woman”
Produced by Scott Storch

You can’t help but pay attention to the powerful sound of the drums thumping through this song. When the drop comes, it’s very intense. Here Mya is letting it be known that she doesn’t work or play like your ordinary prissy woman. She declares that she’s “always on the hustle doing what a man would do.” “I need to be reminded that I’m still a woman,” she sings. Mya can definitely hang with the fellas.

5. “No Touchin’”
Produced by Detail

This track sounds like it has two cultural sounds combined into one. It has an ancient tribal beat and an oriental sound to it. Very different and unusual, which brings some diversity to the album. You can say that this is the most sexy and seductive song on the album. It’s very sensual.

6. “Lock U Down” featuring Lil’ Wayne
Produced by Scott Storch

Bringing Mya out of hiding was this single that’s currently being played on radio. The guitar plays a major part in the sound of the song. Mya is exposing what kind of man she wants and needs, and is also making it known that when she runs across that special guy, she’s going to lock him down. Her angelic voice goes well with Lil’ Wayne’s Southern accent. 2007’s #1 feature rapper holds his ground with his verse.

7. “Lights Go Off”
Produced by Carvin & Ivan

Another sexy track. Mya’s tone is low and very subtle. The strong use of the piano adds on to the sex appeal. She’s letting it be known that when the lights go off, there will be grown folk’s business going down. “The moment the lights go off, that’s when you hear the ooh’s and ahh’s.” Grown folks know what that means.

8. “Ridin’”
Produced by Tricky Stewart

This song is actually based on a true story that happened to Mya. She was in a relationship when she found out her man was cheating, so she went riding around town in her car looking for him. She begins the hard vocal song by saying, “I can’t believe this shit.” She sounds very frustrated and fed-up with the situation. This is definitely a song that most women can relate to.

9. “Switch It Up”
Produced by Carvin & Ivan

Mya is showing her man a different side of her. She’s being his waitress, his mistress, his everything, but not for long. She’s being all these things as a soon to be slap in the face for cheating on her. The beat is a hard hand clap which goes well with the hard lyrics. Mya wants to give her man something to remember her by before she leaves him. She continues to “Switch It Up” at the end of the song when she begins a little rap verse. This is something people aren’t used to hearing from Mya.

10. “Give a Chick a Hand”
Produced by Paula Pete

A new kind of futuristic crunk sound of music. It’s uncommon what Mya is doing in this song. She’s actually giving kudos to the woman who stole her man. She knows she’s hot, but wants to learn how the next woman actually got what was hers. A different approach to the typical “she stole my man” song.

11. “All in the Name of Love”
Produced by J.R. Rotem

Close your eyes when you listen to this song and think about what scary movie it reminds you of. You might be reminded of the chilling theme song from the classic scary movie Halloween. The drop is very hard even though Mya is singing very softly.

12. “Life Is Too Short”
Produced by Bryan-Michael Cox

In an instant you can tell that this is a B. Cox track. In the beginning the piano is the only sound you hear. The title speaks for itself. Mya isn’t going to dwell on anything bad that has happened in her past. She’s forgetting all those things that don’t matter. She strongly expresses that “life is too short for tears.” We won’t catch Mya crying over spilled milk anytime soon.

13. “Nothin’ At All”
Produced by Tricky Stewart

This track was a pleasant way to end the album. It sounds like snap music but in slow motion. Mya addresses plenty of issues that have occurred in her life in the industry. It’s very personal and true. She declares, “Everybody keeps saying how I fell off.” With that said and every other barrier put up in front of her, she’s happy and would never change a thing. In this ballad, she clearly is singing her soul out. You can hear and feel her passion. Every line of the song has meaning behind it, even when she sings, “What don’t kill you makes you stronger, stand up longer.” Absolutely a great way to end this intense album.

Reported by Franny Crooks in New York

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  1. henry

    im sooo excited…. well i heard an interview with mya and she said she had a bonus track with trina… i hope its still gonna be on the cd…

  2. Victor

    I love the review! Definite coppin’ dat disc!

  3. myaslilbro

    man i love this girl im soo happy the best is back cant no one touch her wow wear the bob mya im lock u down u ant going no wurr no more please dont leave that long agai n mya

  4. Dude

    this album sounds amazin. I’m coppin this for real. I’l be the first one at the store when it comes up. I love mya, I’m a little upset (just a little) that she didn’t put ayo on there. That was the jam.

  5. MuMu

    DIS was a great review. Da album is DEFINITELY going to be FIYAH.

  6. Controlfreak

    Sounds good. I was anxious about the trach with Game though. I hope she can get atleast 4 or 4 single-worthy songs off the album!

  7. rap-up-player

    Thank You for the review.

    Last time we had 15 tracks and now only 12 but its better b/c “Ayo” and “How We Carry” werent good but daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i wanted ” I got that”. shit

    Im gonna get that album and i hope its better than “Moodring”.

  8. hoolla vv

    I wanna hear the song with game..I hope they somehow leak that. And doesn’t she have a song with Trina too? I hope the unreleased stuff gets added as a bonus or leaked on the net.

  9. rap-up-player

    ^^she said that joint with trina is a bonus.

  10. *DRE*

    I must say..I wanted to hear I Got That ft. Game..hopefully she will re-release this with that song

  11. Junior in Jamaica

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will be at the store the day this drops!!!

    MYA IS BACK YA’LL. I still wish she’d kept The Game song and Ayo! 13 tracks so short for what am used to but HEY I LOVE HER ANYWAY!

  12. T.Terry

    I will be there at the store getting her CD first thing June 26. I can’t wait til her cd hit the store..

  13. mr_baxter

    I wanna hear the song with The Game too!! I really hope she re-release the album with that song and with the Scott Storch productions that didn’t make the final tracklist

  14. Carl

    See This The Kinda Review That Makes U Wanna Go Out And Get The Album Rite Then And There!!!!!!!!

  15. MJ (R&B)

    This tracklisting sounds good. I will buy. Maybe this isn’t the final tracklisting.

  16. Kyle

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! This sounds like the best tracklisting for an album in a long ass time! Every track title and descriptions seems like it could be hot as hell! This is gonna be my favorite album of the year. Now all I need is to see the album cover pic…HOOK US UP RAP-UP!

  17. kiki

    I will make sure I get this album, but I wish she would have kept the song with Game!!!

  18. Gisellé

    Sounds good. I also like the fact that she worked with some unknown producers, as Kelly Rowland did. I’m actually turning into a Mya fan now…get em Mya!

  19. Anon

    “I AM” should be the second single. Its funky and hot something I can really dance to. “I AM” definitely is a potential club banger right there. Mya keep ur head up do u.

  20. Neila

    this is album is gonna be fir3

  21. dustin

    wow those descriptions sound DOPE.

    but i won’t lie. im really pissed that they are leaving “how we carry” off the final album. its one of my all time favorite mya tracks.

  22. k.Ayo!

    Mya we more n more than de 13 songs in Liberation. I Hope and colabores con Ciara, LeToya, Kelly or Beyonce n Chilli ahhh Missy is Da Best u know in My Love is like… Wo is a cool producer. Mya u r Only One Baby loove ya!!!

  23. Left Eye

    Mya u and Beyonce makes an great sound and style !!!!


    This was a great interview man! And Although I didnt like the first single and I was only going to get four copies of Kelly Rowlands, Ms. Kelly, this review has helped me to decide I will definately get this album! The two peeps who were doubted bout to change the game up for real, world watch out here comes: Kelly and Mya!!

  25. me

    charlly baltimore?

  26. Ana

    Bryan Cox actually produced “I Got That”

  27. Marie

    She probably left the song with the Game off because of the controversy. She didn’t want anymore speculation on the public’s part.

    She doesn’t need her private life discussed every minute.

  28. back in the days

    sure that game song wil leak somewhere

    most unreleased songs do after they release an album

  29. Gabriel

    Mya’s Back FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. drtash

    GREAT REVIEW!!! I’m actually curious and I think I might buy this album too!! I would reply to Marie’s comment and say that putting the song on may have could’ve been a great marketing strategy.After all,any publicity can be beneficial to an artist.

  31. Anonymous

    its because of what game said in that song and his baby moma probally gonna get mad talkin bout the
    07 Bonnie&Clyde

  32. Carl

    Rap-up Gave Mya’s Newest Effort An Uplifting And Positive Review!!!!!! Makes U Really Wanna Go Out And Buy The Album!!!!!!!!

  33. myaslilbro


  34. Maurice mexican Guy

    I love mya new music, i can퀚´t wait to buy the cd

  35. Controlfreak

    Yea but I still would like to hear the song with The Game….I would love to hear how they vibed

  36. sosa_83

    007 in full affect mya’s is going to take over

  37. me

    mya is the best female artist!shes worth the wait!so wait!dont hate.

  38. LiCari

    This album sounds hot as hell!!
    Especially how rap-up described some of the songs !

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