Rihanna at BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend

Rihanna performed “Umbrella” (above) as well as two new songs, “Breakin’ Dishes” and her second single “Shut Up and Drive” (click below), at BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend in Preston.

“Shut Up and Drive”

“Breakin’ Dishes”

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  1. cltim

    wow..she cannot sing what so ever…

  2. danny

    mh she isn’t that good live…..but, who cares? madonna can’t sing at all and she’s the queen of pop…

  3. demetrius318

    she sure isnt good live, sounds like she did a voice over…but she is okay as for as her career, but musically (live), i dont know about that

  4. ha

    she’s a bigger star than mya

  5. Da One!

    This is better than CASSIE’s performance… The second song breakin dishes was good, I like that song… Cuz I almost broke some dishes once LOL!!

  6. Devonne

    I love rihanna. Her music is different. Anyway Shut up and drive is an alright song, but it’s not better than breakin’ dishes. Breakin’ Dishes is new and it has a rock sound too it but it’s sexier somehow

  7. demetrius318

    Ok #4 What does Mya have to do with this post?, and she is NOT a better singer than Mya, i dont care who’s Bigger and whos career is stronger

  8. UrbanSoul

    Speaking of Mya, she will guest co-host BET’s 106&Park today.

  9. les

    cassie is better than mya.

  10. demetrius318

    and Mya will also be performing on tha BET Awards, where is Cassie???…Lol she will be at home watchin..lol..i cant belive #9 said that

  11. demetrius318


  12. amber

    actually cassie and mya is on the same level. And riri hott she’s gonna be like mike because she’s blowin up that pop rock.

  13. JC

    Rap up did you all view the Left Eye documentary this past weekend? Can you do a thread about it? Thanks.

  14. Strawberri

    ^I saw that, and her talking about her daddy was funny.

  15. Strawberri

    lol…Don’t let your head touch the pillow.

  16. R&B*MJ

    So beautiful.

  17. JC

    Yeah, Strawberri her daddy was kinda shady towards her. Watching the whole thing was a lil weird tho, in a way she knew she was gonna go…R.I.P Left Eye.

  18. Strawberri

    yeah i got the same thing from it but she joked her way through some tough moments, RIP! lefteye.

  19. UrbanSoul

    JC, and Strawberri I know…I got the same vibe. She was care free about life, and appreciated it more, way beyond the money and the fame. It made me look at life differently. RIP Left Eye

  20. Gisellé

    I caught the documentary this morning. It was one of the best I’ve ever seen. After watching it I had so much more respect for her. She kept it 100% real, and she was VERY intelligent. The way she spoke about her life was effortless. Overall I think the documentary was well edited. However, did Vh1 really have to show the last clip? That was too much for me. Let me stop before I get teary eyed. RIP Left Eye. And sorry for posting this on a Rihanna thread but I had to put my 2 cents in.

  21. Jenny!

    Nice Peformance