Prince Performs at ALMA Awards; New Single


Prince and Sheila E. performed “The World,” “Get On The Boat,” and “The Glamorous Life” on tonight’s 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards airing June 5th on ABC. In related news, Verizon Wireless subscribers can download Prince’s new single, “Guitar,” from his upcoming album Planet Earth, for free today. He is in talks to move his Club 3121 from Vegas to the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. for a 7-week stint starting in mid-June.

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    prince know he’s still banggin’ her.


    I respect Prince a whole lot, the man has been doing his thing wayyy before I was even born and I love his style and music. And his new single “Guitar” is good so check that out.

  3. Anonymous

    damn she looked like aaliyah at first glance…

  4. rubyspirit


  5. Sophie

    Thank you so much for this post I love it! I’ve also linked to your post on my blog. I love Prince and am going to see him in London in August, I’ve been a fan for so long and will finally have the honor to see him!

  6. CrunkHam

    New Album!!! Wow!! That boy knows he’s bad!!!! He just wont stop!!

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    It’s only right that Prince name a song after one of his loves. He doesn’t play when it comes to his “Guitar” hence, “The Color Purple” No one has an idea when he will drop his final album so I’m glad he managed to get his baby a song named after her. He plays the hell outta that guitar and thats what I call quality music. ICON 4real he has earned the title!

  8. ?

    Price = AWESOME!! LOVE HIM…

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