New Music: Rihanna & Chris Brown – “Umbrella/Cinderella”


Chris Brown recently performed “Cinderella,” his version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” at a concert. The video of the performance made its way to the Internet and now the mash up of the two songs can be heard in one song. It’s not yet known if this remix is official, but it’s definitely worth checking out. View the video of Chris performing it after the jump.

Rihanna & Chris Brown – “Umbrella/Cinderella”

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  1. ?

    This is just what we need…another boring/annoying ass song! When will it end? SMDH

  2. demetrius318

    this shit sucks…he butchered that song some more..its not even edited right…NEXT

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not really a big chris brown fan, but dis shit is alright!!

  4. twa

    why does chris sound so feminine? His voice is so high compared to rhiannas…smh.

  5. cltim

    yay…well at least chris brown sounds good live HAHAHAHAHAH @ rihanna…but anyway i like it…

  6. K-Babyy

    i love this song!

  7. ewe

    Yo i love this remix!!Its fire,chris and rihanna come on those two have to be a hit!!!

  8. messy

    shut up and drive

  9. M*Music

    *points knife to Chris*
    Y’all negros don’t learn, do ya? Stay away from Rihanna…

    No to the song, and no to Chris singing it.
    Rihanna’s “Umbrella” is already #1, and I like that song better, because she is exy.

  10. Tavon

    I’m diggin this remix! It’s been on repeat all night.

  11. cPLeZzJr


  12. ?

    cltim clean ya ears out…Chris sounds as bad as Rihanna but Rhi does a better job.

  13. jus me

    chris browns bit is betta den rihanna’s bit

  14. Princess xICEx

    yall need 2 stop hatin on chris brown coz all yall no he’z fine

  15. cltim

    #12 hahahahlol…have you seen rihanna perform live OMG…i use to like her until i seen those two lackluster performances rap-up posted from her….WOW…im just laughing at her now…and i acutally need to plugged my ears when she comes out with anything else

  16. ?

    ^ HAHA true. But I don’t wanna hear Chris either…both bad singers…LIVE…lol

  17. Kim

    I think the song is really good. I hope that do be a real remixe that is just of the change!!!!!!!

  18. M*Music

    Once again, I don’t see Chris Brown’s hype…

  19. aya

    u should marry her dude and dirlty tan3a

  20. Anonymous

    I really liked that.

  21. nhu thao

    i really like chris brown voice

  22. bad one

    Chris Brown is kind of losing his hype over the years. Hes gotten older and the high pitched voice really works for him. It would be really boring for him to sing low. The only people allowed to sing low are T-Boz, and Barry White(R.I.P.), and probably some others. Now people don’t really seem to care about Chris now, but hey, Ciara was about the same, until she came out with Evolution, and that just about made a big “evolution” for her.

    Rihanna to me has a unique voice. It’s just that she was better off with long hair instead of short. Her song to me is a good song for me to listen to, but not to dance to.

    The “Cinderella” version just doesn’t make sense to put onto Umbrella as a remix. Rihanna talks about romance and the weather, basically.

  23. Maria

    Love it