Nicole Scherzinger Album Preview


The Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer Nicole Scherzinger is about to break out from the mega-selling girl group with her solo debut album Her Name Is Nicole. The sexy Hawaii-born singer came up with the title because people recognized her as PCD’s frontwoman, but most didn’t know her name. But that’s about to change…

Her Name Is Nicole is a mix of R&B, pop, hip-hop, and rock. Producers include heavy hitters Polow Da Don (“Whatever You Like”), Timbaland (“Physical”), Akon (“Puakenikeni”), Pharrell (“I.M.I.S.S. You”), and (“Baby Love”). Nicole co-wrote all except two songs on the album. The first single, “Whatever You Like” featuring T.I. can be heard here. A video has already been shot.

Rap-Up was one of the first media outlets to hear seven full tracks off the album, which is scheduled for release in October. After our listening, we have no doubt Nicole is on her way to becoming a household name.

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1. “Whatever U Like” featuring T.I.
Produced by Polow Da Don

The first single off Her Name Is Nicole is a hit in the making. This club banger will get play on urban and mainstream radio. It’s a perfect lead single and a good song to release in the summer. The beat has those distinctive Polow Da Don sirens that are reminiscent of Kelis’ “Blindfold Me,” which Polow also produced. “She hot as a stove, her name is Nicole!” is repeated by songwriter Sean Garrett throughout the song. The chorus goes, “I wanna do whatever you wanna, I’ll do whatever you like.” Nicole sings about doing whatever her man likes, including “riding it like a Harley.” T.I.’s rap is towards the middle of the track. This same beat can previously be heard on songs by TLC’s Chilli (“Straight Jack”) and Mase. Listen to the song here.

2. “Super Villain”
Produced by Mad Scientist

This is already the label’s frontrunner for the second single. Another danceable jam with a catchy chorus: “I want ’em super bad, super bad, bad boys drive me crazy.” There is a reggae/dancehall break in the middle. Nicole sings, “I wanna be Lois and Clark, I wanna be Bonnie and Clyde, ’cause I’ll ride all day.” The song oozes sexiness.

3. “Physical” featuring Timbaland
Produced by Timbaland

The upbeat song has a thumping baseline and starts off with a rap by Timb. The hook goes, “Let’s dance, let’s get physical, work your body like some cardio. Let’s dance, let’s get physical, let’s get emotional and take off our clothes.” Some of the song can be heard in the movie Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer.

4. “Baby Love”
Produced by and written by Kara Dioguardi

Nicole’s pick for the second single. This has top 40 radio smash written all over it. The midtempo song features a guitar. The laid-back vibe is similar to the Pussycat Dolls’ “Stickwitu.” Chorus: “We so in love, you are my baby love, you make the sun come up, oh boy, you’re my every, everything that I could ever dream of.” A gushy love song that 14-year-old girls and pop radio will eat up.

5. “Puakenikeni”
Produced by Akon

The uptempo song is named after a Hawaiian flower. Starts off with Akon’s signature Konvict Muzik cell bars slamming, yet it doesn’t sound like an Akon produced track. This love song then goes into a Hawaiian chant. Nicole sings, “Don’t you wanna pick my Puakenikeni? Nothing’s sweeter than my Puakenikeni.” Nicole’s favorite song on the album.

6. “Happily Never After”
Written by Ne-Yo

A ballad about leaving your lover. “I don’t think I want this anymore as she drops the ring down to the floor,” Nicole sings. Ne-Yo does what he does best by telling a story through the song. Sample lyrics: “No happily never after, that just ain’t for me, I know I deserve better after all, I’ll never let another tear drop fall.” Fans will be pulling out their lighters/cell phones when this song is played at a concert.

7. “Just Say Yes”
Produced by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol

A soft and slow song with a pulsing, electronic beat. Everything about it is understated. Something you would not expect to hear on this album. This would be categorized as more alternative/soft rock music, hence it was produced by Gary Lightbody of the rock band Snow Patrol. Sample lyrics: “Please take my hand, it’s so simple and you know it is, I can feel your heartbeat through your shirt, it’s all I want, just say yes, nothing holding you back.”

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Whatever You Like,” “Super Villain,” and “Baby Love”

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  1. jl_crack

    OMG!!! thank you very much! This album is gonna be SO HOT!!!! I can퀚´t wait to hear that album! the single is the hottest song!!

  2. Chanté

    I don’t know if I like all of this, pretty girl full of potential and energy, she was the lead of the group for a reason, she naturally stands out, that’s why she caught my attention and I love her though I never loved the group. So I was waiting for her but all this seems too PCD-ish for me. I expected the unexpected, guess not! *shrug* Oh well, good luck Nicole anyway.

  3. rap-up-player

    t4p. i think its goign to be hot.

  4. Trent

    Ihope it’s way more then just 7 songs cuz wow that’s not much of an album but i do think it’s going to b hott


    thanks i will defenity buy her album she always has confidence and a swagga and also that sexy look that i love which makes the pussycat dolls sooooOooO orginal.
    *thanks rap-up for the preview

  6. lamont

    I’m really lookin’ forward to her album.

  7. u idiot

    u moron, they only “heard” a sample of 7 songs. what cd do you know has ever had 7 songs?

  8. jl_crack

    Can we hear the songs?????.. Or the single!!!.. I want to hear it! I can퀚´t wait!

  9. snowbunny

    Thank you so much for this. I have been wanting to hear about her project for awhile. I always thought when she hit she was going to blow. And now I see my assumption may be right. And she is on Interscope they will give her all the support she needs.

  10. Anonymous

    her first single is stated to be steam. a song produced by my favorite producer – b.cox. its quite an old song but its a good dance song. ashanti and 7 aurelius tried to copy the beat with a song called heres my number babe.sadly they failed horribly.

  11. Anonymous

    oh yeah steam and that ashanti song sample “kraftwerk – numbers”

  12. chris

    No her first single is NOT steam, that won’t even be on the album, the first single is ‘Whatever You Like’

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t know how she’s gonna match the Backstreet Boys’ version of “Happily Never After”. They’re known for their ballads. Poor girl’s got big shoes to fill.

  14. Anonymous

    The Backstreet Boys have also recorded Happily Never After. It was supposed to be on their next album but I guess it isn’t anymore.

  15. Anonymous

    She can outsing most of bsb. They aren’t known for anything anymore.

  16. Jack Al-Sabban

    “Happily Never After” isn’t it the new backstreet boys song from their next album ???
    I realy loved this song by the backstreet boys , even thought that we (guys) not a big fans of the backstreet boys . but i heared Happily never after and another song called “helpless when she smile” , they’re great . and i think Nicole version would be amaaaazing too . ;)

  17. Ness

    luv it luv it luv it!! OMG OMG OMG ‘her name is nicole’ is gona be released on my birthday! wat a slammin present! luv it

  18. nury

    omg!! i just cant wait!! luv her

  19. LOL


  20. Alex

    WOOOOAAAAAH, this album will be perfect!!! Whatever You Like will be a summer hit!!! that’s for sure!!!

  21. Nanda

    OMG…I’m so excited!I can’t wait!I wanna hear the songs or the first single!I luv her,shes deserves the Best of The Best!:)

  22. Anonymous

    Thank goodness, somebody other then Beyonce is
    coming out with and Album…Thank You Nicole!!!!

  23. Rula

    Whatever .. Who Cares .. Poor Girl ..
    anyway try to do your own songs .. bitch

  24. sldsadsadewew


  25. dark wood man

    WOWOWOWOWO wait guys happily never after is a backstreet boys’s song why did she stole it?

  26. Ian aka AnGeLGuY2008

    Wow… i can’t wait…
    but is that all? hehe

  27. Ellen

    I can’t wait. It’ll definitely be a MASSIVE hit. I like the sound of Baby Love and Whatever You Like xD

  28. max

    when will the single be able to be downloaded or listened 2. i really wanna hear it.

  29. axianbeauty

    Happily Never After is a Backstreet Boys song for their new album.. Why does she have it?!

  30. NicoleFanSince2000


  31. Lwlc

    I love PCD, and love Nicole, but man that lead single is bad bad bad. I hope rest the album is better

  32. Antz

    Ive heard baby love and it is an amazing track. BEP frontman Will.I.Am does and amazing job on providing a smooth simple beat and the guitar makes the song. It will more than likely leak within the week

  33. Josslin

    i have already listened to “whatever you like” it will beat this summer. if you want to listen to it, fantastic.

  34. phil

    that will be a damn good album!!love her…the single is so HOT!!!…hope the PCD album will come out this year,too!

  35. Ronny

    Cant u Just Post Baby love or no send it 2 me plz heres my e-mail ronizfine

  36. Antz

    Puakenikeni was just sent to me, im guessing that these will leak within the week. Awesome beats on this track and Nicole sizzles with her voice. Man she has worked very hard for this and she has done an amazing job.
    You guys will love it

  37. Alex

    “Happily Never After” is recorded by Backstreet Boys already. It sounds very good.
    I dont understand how is this song becomes Nicole’s song?

  38. ron

    [email protected] can u plz send it to

  39. Ronny

    ANTZ CAN U SEND ME Puakenikeni AND Baby Love PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ronny

    mY e-MAIL iS [email protected]

  41. Antz

    Dude i am not going to leak the songs. They will in time leak, but i will not be responsible for that!

  42. Ronny

    y? som1 obviously leaked them 2 u i promise and swear i wont leak them if u want me 2 no crossies included

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  45. Eric


    Interesting and pretty much agreed….

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