Sundance 2008: Akon in Concert


Akon performed on Thursday in Park City, Utah in a show sponsored by Gravity and Von Dutch. Celebrities are converging on Park City to watch flicks and snatch up free products as part of the Sundance Film Festival. Chamillionaire also attended the show.


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  1. Akon's Boo!

    Akon’s body is on point.. ahh and his skin looks soooooo suave.. oooo lalahhhhh

  2. Tellem

    Can’t akon put some clothes on…. his music is like soft porn already. I remember when he first came out he was like My Momma told me if you got the chance to speak your mind to millions u say meaningful things (like the song Ghetto) but these days we see Shake Your Body Like A Belly Dancer, Smack that, I wanna F*ck you, talk about a lier or a hypocrite against his mother!

  3. Anonymous

    Yummy Chocolate!

  4. chase

    can you get a video of this live pliz