Ashanti and Nelly Get New Release Dates

ashanti271.jpg has learned the release dates for Ashanti and Nelly’s upcoming albums. Universal Motown, the label which both artists are signed to, reports that Ashanti’s album The Declaration will be released on June 3rd while Nelly’s Brass Knuckles will hit stores later that month on June 24th.

Listen to Ashanti’s new song “The Way That I Love You” that’s supposed to appear on The Declaration.

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  1. CISCO

    that is sooo sad i was waitin 4 ashanti!!!

  2. angel

    man i want her cd now!!!her new song is fire!nelly can wait!

  3. trisha

    ashanti nooooo i want it come on!!

  4. hotty

    That is not true, I rather hear from Ashanti myself. Universal Inc already publish the dates for the following single. And Ashanti is due out in March 25. Her single will be released in April for world wide.

  5. amir82

    after leaving irv and murder inc ,i dont care about ashanti…!

  6. TIvsTIP

    ^^ Rap-Up has always been right about release dates. You really believe Ashanti will come out in March?

    remember this is the same label that never released Mya’s album. Get a clue!

    we’ll be lucky to see it in june even

  7. hotty

    I’ll go to Ashanti’s myspace and official website online to confirm the date when she’ll drop the album. By the way, I’ll also check with Lthutton to see if that’s true. He’s working with Ashanti to release the single. So I’ll try to keep some of you updated as well.

  8. TIvsTIP

    give me a break. artists myspace pages are barely updated and inaccurate most of the time.

    Rap-Up confirmed this with Ashanti’s label and they would know before Ashanti even.

  9. rnblover

    All I got to say is booooo to Universal on pushing Ashanti song is hot!!

  10. Deon

    Neither and Ashanti is whack with NO talent whatsoever! NEXT…

  11. cia

    nelly needs to drop her she has been hurting his career. Ashanti has always been hurting for some play. Nelly needs to go back to being single so he can get his female audience back, because the men don’t care about either one. Nelly where you at? Wake up and get you album out there boo!

  12. Dennis

    I somewhat disappointed to hear about this. I don’t understand why the date just keeps getting pushed back. But whatever!!

  13. Korrenzo

    I can’t wait!!!

  14. dates


  15. Vitor

    Ok… is that a really question?! ASHANTI OF COURSE!