Video: Mariah Carey – ‘Bye Bye’

Mr. and Mrs. Cannon put the rumors to rest in Mariah’s new video for “Bye Bye,” which was also directed by Nick Cannon.

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  1. LAmont

    WOW! This video does put tha rumors to rest. :shock: Mariah’s lookin’ very sexy in that black bikini.

  2. Twinn

    it really dont cause anyone can make a camemo…remember her \

  3. Twinn

    it really dont cause anyone can make a camemo…remember her “Say Something” video. people started sayin her and Pharell was together…i didnt see not one kiss from either “COUPLE” in both videos. anyone can flirt, friends can flirt…until i hear it outa they mouths then i believe it…as for the video I liked it

  4. ron.e

    I still don\’t believe it! She\’s way out of his league.. she looks banging in the video though. Can barely believe she\’s almost 40!

  5. Destined

    Love the video! Good job MC.

  6. Anonymous

    ^^ Twinn So you must not think B and Jay got married since they didn’t confirm it themselves, huh? Some couples like to keep it private by not telling anyone

  7. Jay-T

    I love the video and the song. MC is still the hottest chick in the game. I hope she and Nick are happy.

  8. Twinn

    Anonymous- i believe B&J are married to a certain extent b/c people have known about their “secret/private relationship” for more than 2yrs…I find it very hard to believe that Nick & MC are married because when did thier boy/girlfriend relationship start anyway..and the fact that less than a week ago this “engagment” pops up and two days later they “married” this dont smell like bullshit to you or anyone else…? im not proly not the only one smellin poo! but dont get me wrong im a fan for both of them…this whole marriage thing is just too farfatched to me!

  9. feougoshgo

    OMG. She is very gorgeous. I was surprised to see her nice profile on a celeb dating site with hot pics and videos. It seems called \