Video: Michelle Williams – ‘We Break the Dawn’

“We Break the Dawn” is the first single off Michelle Williams’ pop/dance album Unexpected, in stores August 12th. The video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Phil Griffin (Amy Winehouse, Prince).

Listen to the official remix with Flo Rida and look out for our interview with Michelle.

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  1. Nathan

    She made me cry
    OMG MICHELLE WILLIAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It looks like a Michelle Williams , but not From Destiny\\\’s Child , Not from the Number 1\\\’s Gospel Albums, Not from AIDA Not From Color Purple ..

    Love YOU , Your NUMBER 1 FAN !!

  2. graicen

    @ nathan i agree wit u yes she’s finally stepped out of the shell n d only 1 that seems not to keep riding on beyonces ass in every interview unlike kelly. its time kelly step out n forget that she was with beyonce n trademark her name better, dont make it seem cosigned under beyonce. michelle deserves alot of success wit this. its hot! props

  3. !watevaisayistrue!

    yesssssiirrrrr she kilt it very michelle williams

  4. lyric lee

    damn michelle! lol
    ima true dc fan but a hardcore kelly but i must say that ever since the destiny fulfilled tour michelle has been bringin the heat!! i dont know what inspired this change of if she is channeling her inner michelle but the confidence is definently there as with ms boo kelly as well. one comment tho – when did michelle get so damn samll!!!! she smaller than kelly now and we all no my baby has been gettin thicker by the days lol. i guess her amd michelle are jus goin thru some changes! either way im excited about the album

  5. Missy

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brandon

    I love this video it has everything people wouldn,t expect Michelle to bring. She danced and looked sexy doing it. I am really proud of her. I knew she was working on something new and exciting and the sound she has is totally different from what is out ow go Michelle my belle.

  7. Twinn

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!video is hot. michelle is hot. i just think she could of danced just a tad bit more

  8. ACE

    Nice! This is really somthing diffrent from her.

  9. Tenetria\'s Fan

    Love, Love, Love IT! Way to do the ABSOLUTELY UNEXPECTED! Big ups to Michelle for sticking to her guns. I will be buying the video off I-Tunes as soon as its available!

  10. Catie

    It would completely suck if this song did not become a hit, it\’s seriously one of the best songs that i have heard this year.

  11. marketshare

    good video she could have left the her as the celeb/model on red carpet out that would have made it even better. the dance moves were perfect cause they fit the song. Its not a song you just dance to its somethin u groove to and she caputured that in her video..Purrrfect