New Music: Lil’ Mama – ‘A Milli (Lil’ Mama Mix)’


Lil’ Mama murders the remix to Lil Wayne’s “A Milli.” All you older rappers better watch your backs. This 18-year-old is a problem!

Read our interview with Lil’ Mama here.

Lil’ Mama – “A Milli (Lil’ Mama Mix)”

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  1. youngqueen

    no no no..lil mama needs to stop..she just messed up my song..not hatin on her but maybe she should have let this one go..

  2. jb

    Mama def murdered this track. Hottest femcee in the game right now whether people want to admit it or not

  3. Joshua

    Yea she did kill this…Fiya… Hands down…

  4. r&b fam

    she mashed this up!!
    y dnt she do this 4 her release instead of bein a bubblegum rapper..
    she IS FIRE!!!

  5. GQdaChozenChild

    Although everyone and their mother tried to go in on this beat, I give Lil Mama & Cory Gunz their much due respect. Females are very underrepresented right now and LM went it like her deal was on the line. Dirty South and Pig Latin, who else gon mess with that? Besides those 2, nobody else went all in except Los, Cyssero, and Gille Da Kid.

  6. ShESZMUSiiK

    Smh.. Wow I don’t know what you ppl are hearing but lil mama cannot rap period. I’m shocked ppl actually can honestly say her lyrics are hot… I’m not trying to hate or knock her because she does try and make positive music but the fact still stands that she can’t rap. Nothing she says has ever said has made me want to rewind the track and hear it again. She can dress and dance though.. But not everything is for everybody…. rapping is def not for her point blank.