‘Making the Band 4, Season 3′ to Premiere in August


Look out for the third season of “Making the Band 4,” which will premiere in August on MTV. The series continues to chronicle the journeys of Day26, Donnie Klang, and Danity Kane.

Viewers will be able to see Day26 and Donnie as they go on their first promo tour and experience what life is really like on the road and being away from their friends and families. Fans will see the relationships the guys and girls develop as they experience the joys and pains of being on the road. They will also get to see Diddy as he continues to develop and guide their careers. There will be tons of surprises and excitement this season along with some amazing new music keeping the show fresh, interesting, and entertaining.

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  1. sasha

    OMG OMGG. i ammm so excited you have no idea..
    ALSO VOTE FOR MAKING THE BANDD to win the teen choice award.
    and danity kane is nominated for damaged and day26 for breakout groupp against the gayy jonas brothers and one republic.

  2. Amanda Flores

    This is so exciting I cannot wait for this! Congrats to everyone!

  3. Sheively

    EXCITING NEWS! I\\\’m proud of them, 2 amazing CDS, big ups to Diddy for putting these 2 bands together. I had my doubts but their albums were amazing! CAN\\\’T WAIT!

  4. nadia

    I cant wait either!!! I LOVE DK, Day 26 and Donnie….ive been watch this show since Da Band was made….DAMN!!!!!!

  5. kaylahh mariieee

    werdd yoo ii ve been watching ot forever

    ii went to the tour when it first hit in NYC..and it was amazing..yoo ii cnat wait till auguts..im addicted ot making the band

  6. day26#1fan

    omg i cant wait i love day26!!!!!!!! oohh i cant wait man!!!!!! sasha girl i agree with you we gotta vote daily for day26 to win at the teen choice awards cuz gayy jonas bros mite just win n we all kno why but ITS BAD BOY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. earl bumotad

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  8. Diamond

    I want to open for DK and Day 26 on tour…Diddy PIC ME!!

    I wrote the women scorned anthem..”2 Smart 2 Fall 4 That”

    Check it out!!

    Hugs and Kisses, Lady D

  9. Diamond


    video on


    “2 Smart 2 Fall 4 That”