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Young Buck Apologizes to 50 Cent

Young Buck called up 50 Cent to apologize, asking to be reinstated into G-Unit. “I don’t want to be dismembered from the crew,” he pleads in this emotional phone call. Guess you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

UPDATE: This phone call is apparently a year old leaked conversation 50 had with Buck. So the situation remains the same.

  • http://myspace lisa

    I think thats wrong to do buck like that I love buck as well as G-uint stop beefin and make music please********

  • Galil (Roscoe Umali best rapper.!!)

    Buck shouldn\’t have apologized to 50. Why should Buck do that? 50 is the 1 who started this like he did with The Game.
    50 is fucking cold he don\’t care about known of them.

  • Anon

    50 is a lil bitch postin tht up on the internet fuck 50 tht nigga a cold mothafucka, young buck shud forget about tht nigga

  • tawana blair

    my commit iz this fucc that nigga 50 fake azz hell homie bucc can mke it with like ti or scareface fucc 50 wht 50 need iz a bitch and quit hidden behind g unit succa holla at ya boy mem. tn rep

  • tawana blair

    f— 50 he just lookin 2 run someone bucc need 2 holla at scareface ti someone who he can benefit with

  • quincy

    buck u need 2 do u holla at tior scareface someone whos real