Baby Got Back: Mya in Barbados


Check out these pics of Mya on the beach in Barbados over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The singer had to postpone her run on Broadway in “Chicago” after breaking her foot. She is currently working on a new album tentatively scheduled for a fall release.

mya_barbados2.jpg mya_barbados3.jpg

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  1. METOO

    yo MYA is to damn fine the hottest chick in the game hands down

  2. yes

    MYA looks mad good better than riri and beyonce real talk

  3. Vje'9

    LOL HOT! Can’t wait for the new album.

  4. Essjay

    she’s aight, i wouldn’t say hot. i’d take beyonce or mariah over that anyday.

  5. kellie

    MYA has the doppest body in the game hands down simply beautiful

  6. tofly

    Mya has the best body damn mariah no beyonce no mya toned and thick in the right places mya come lock me down forreal forreal

  7. Trent

    Mya look hott i love her and just cant wait for her new album

  8. j3nn3h

    love mya..she always lookin good…cant wait till she comes back no doubt

  9. jojo

    mya mya mya where you been girl… hottest chick in the game without a question mya has the real talent

  10. kaykay

    mya has the cutest body whoa, mya we all are still waiting for the album to drop its nice to see her out and about she is mad pretty

  11. Anon

    It’s so obvious that the same person is posting here over & over again. Mya tried to make a comeback last year and it failed, she’s done.

  12. miles

    what are you talking about saying mya is done… how is that when she is in movies broadway modeling and her cd is coming out soon so fall back hater mya\’s body is off the hook

  13. kristina

    mya looks sexy in these pics wow i want her body

  14. Anon

    Can the same person stop posting over & over again?

    And yes she is done, her album got released in Japan ONLY last year, digitally. She released two singles, “Lock U Down” & “Ridin” which both failed to garner attention & success. She even did a remix with Lil Wayne on “Lock U Down” and nobody even noticed. Nobody cares about her, she’s irrelevant.

  15. dream


  16. prince

    ur 1 2 talk and u the only dat keeps postin over and over get alife.she gettin money and yo ass typing over da computer at ur job if i was u i would do something more preductive and get like mya.

  17. mr_baxter83

    She looks so hot…and to the persons who posted that Mya is done….we will see it ;) Regarding Lock U Down & Ridin flopping….her record label didnt put any efforts in promotion, so it is obvious….and Ridin did moderately good (it peaked at 58 in the R&B charts with NO promotion at all)BTW, Ashanti released like 3 “first” singles before “the way …” Nelly did the same…and nobody talks about it :)

  18. Bruno

    That’s my girl! She looks great… I have no words for that body, whoa!!! lol Love Mya!

  19. Kubus

    Only thing hot is that ass man

  20. kiesha

    MYA is naturally gorgous w/ and w/out makeout bangin body and hopefully this year her cd will drop