The Heatwave is Coming…

Keri Hilson, Solange Knowles, and Teyana Taylor cover Rap-Up‘s Summer 2008 issue, on sale now. View the cover and buy your copy today.

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  1. Grant



    THE NEW ISSUE!!!!!

  3. J

    I HEART TEYANA HER HAIR IS JUST SO FIERCE. Solange is great too, but Keri not so much.

  4. Kenny

    KERI is Slept ON… Her Voice is beautiful and she been behind the scenes long enough.

  5. Mariiie

    I LOVE RAP _ UP>COM\’s BOOM BOX!!! great song on there.

    They are all new talented sounds that deserve to be heard. Thanks 4 Sharing!

  6. Nick

    I LOVE SOLANGE, she is sooooo creative & dfrnt-I hope all these girls get the shine they deserve…SOLANGE IS MY FAV THO!!!

  7. Chizzy

    Keri Hilson\’s song is on point! Her voice is as beautiful as she is. I think she will do well and last a while in the industry. Now Solange on the other hand her song is trash. Her sister is a tough act to follow and I am not sure if she has the talent to do so. I know she is her own person but she will be compared to her sister no doubt. I have never heard of Teyana so hope she is as good as Keri.

  8. joeliz807

    solange i get;love her music, it fresh and new.. yea she will be 4eva compare 2 her sister but shit all the female singers are getting compare to beyonce…. keri i love her new song energy as well as the video…. now teyana is diff but i dont think she a good/rappper… hell she not even a one hit wonder… so solange and keri keep doing da damn thing, especial solange….

  9. Shay

    Teyana is a very beatiful and talented young lady and I cant wait to see her career take off I know she is going to be major, look and learn people. Love ya pretty mama