On Set of Nelly’s ‘Body On Me’ Video


Check out some pics taken on the set of Nelly’s new video for “Body On Me” featuring Ashanti and Akon. The video was shot at the Red Rock Casino, Resort, & Spa in Las Vegas with director Benny Boom. Ashanti is looking good good in the swimsuit photo below.

Updated with more photos.

bom6.jpg bom5.jpg bom4.jpg bom3.jpg bom2.jpg

Photo credit: Erik Kabik/Universal Motown

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  1. !watevaisayistrue!

    she still whack bikini or not she just seems too much like a new artist imo…….nelly u need 2 recruit kelly rowland for a dilemma pt 2 or sumthing cuzz yall careers are goin doooooooooooooooown like superhead

  2. angieb

    Ashanti looks HOT so keep hating and her man Nelly is just simply SEXY! I can\’t wait to see this video…they are too cute together!

  3. Sarah

    they both look cute and i love the single body on me

  4. angel

    ASHANTI LOOKS HOT!!!!!!!this videos going to be really really hot ashanti and nelly….u cant go wrong i couldve did without akon but hey!!again ASHANTI LOOKS BANGIN!nely looks fly also.

  5. Victor

    I really like Nelly and Ashanti but I don’t know… both of their careers are at a standstill… Hopefully the right singles come along for both of them.




  7. King Ron

    Nelly & Ashanti is the hottest and cutest Hip Hop n R&B couple..no one…absolutly no one can top them…the song is hottt…its gonna be a summer banger…the video is gonna be just as hottt….Ashanti is sexii as helll..no one can touch her…

  8. LOL

    Umm, no. Beyonce and Jay-Z are, then Nas and Kelis. Nobody cares for Nelly and Ashanti!

  9. angel

    Ummmm nas and kelis no ones even cares about ashanti and nellly are the hottest alongside jay and beyonce but they are sooo hott

  10. Miles

    Ashanti please MYA looks 10x better in a two piece than her MYA got the face and the body nuff said

  11. Jermaine

    Damn Ashanti she looks so sexy im so glad is all her time to shine now with that body on me thats gonna be a huge pop hit and that Good Good single comin soon ! She back hotter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jermaine

    and fuck the haters look at this shit Ashanti is mad sexy with those hot shorts on Come on now give her shine she back ! and mya alright dont get me wrong but ashanti got her those legs and the body !

  13. Miles

    yeah sure ashanti is a cute girl but Mya is ovahhh mya got the face plus a bangin body to match and mya has talent unlike ashanti, she cant even sing nor can she dance! MYA has all of that and more fall back

  14. Sarah

    Mya was dropped from her label after releasing 3 singles. Please don’t bring the heat cause Mya went to Barbados to spend taxpayers money, She is so ungrateful.

  15. Lil' Nello

    Real nice can’t wait to see the video for this it’s one of my favorite songs off of Ashanti’s new album! And yes Ashanti is looking real sexy & delicious looking in that bikini top sweamsuit! All I got to is DAMNNNNNN Nelly is one lucky dude!

  16. cocoabean

    No offence, but Ashanti\’s Declaration album sucks as did the last two she has released. She is clinging on to her fame and she will be a has-been washed up singer like Lil Mo or Tweet in a year or two. She definitely cannot compare talent wise to Beyonce, Mariah or even Karina Pasian. Her singing is bearable, she cant dance, she can act a little but i think she would be best served acting in commercials or something.

  17. dreams_dee

    I think that Ashanti and Nelly make a very cute couple. Regardless of how you think their careers are going at the end of the day they still got paper!!! Probably more paper than me or any of you have so let’s face reality does it really matter??

  18. Angel

    This is exactly why black people are unsuccessful. We are so jealous of one another. Negative comments keep to yourselves and stop the comparisons. It is just ridiculous. You don\’t have to like her. The sooner we start embracing one another instead of hating and killing we would be better off. Ashanti is great as well as Nelly. Grow up guys.