Solange Named Armani Jeans Ambassador


Giorgio Armani has announced Solange Knowles as the new Armani Jeans global ambassador. Her sophomore album, SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams, will debut on August 26th, and will be followed by a worldwide tour beginning in late autumn.

“Armani Jeans expresses my vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool fashion sensibility. Solange epitomizes this style perfectly and brings to it that swing so evident in her new single, ‘I Decided,’” Giorgio Armani said in a statement.

Dressed in Armani, Solange will begin her European press tour with a stop in London at the end of this month followed by Cannes in early August.

Look for her rocking Armani inside the current issue of Rap-Up, on sale now.


Solange wore Armani while performing at the House of Blues with Wyclef Jean.

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  1. Catie

    I’m so sick of hearing about her. Why aren’t they properly promoting Michelle Williams? Her record is 10x better than anything Solange could record.

  2. jennifer

    Oh please. Solange doesn\’t get HALF as much promotion as her big sis so stop complaining.
    I think her CD will be very different and much more adventurous than anything that\’s currently out. And wasn\’t Michelle Williams a gospel singer??

  3. Federica

    despise her.. she’s fugly and her voice isn’t all that… gets all the hype because of beyonce I’m sick of this type of exposure.

  4. Catie

    Michelle Williams has an amazing song out right now called “We Break the Dawn” and almost nobody knows it because her label sucks at promoting. Her new stuff is urban/R&B.

    All i’m saying is that Michelle is clearly more talented than Solange but yet Solange gets all the exposure because of her sis. Whether or not she’s getting as much as Beyonce, she’s still getting more than Michelle.

  5. TheOne

    ^ Did you know that Solange co-wrote “We Break the Dawn” ?

  6. Catie

    That’s great. I’m not saying that Solange isn’t talented or doesn’t deserve to be successful. I just feel like Michelle has come such a long way and has a great music out and isn’t getting the proper promotion.

  7. Imani

    y\’all need to stop hatin\’ michelle\’s album isn\’t out til\’ october…plenty of time for more promotion which im sure she will get
    and solange is not ugly and she sings beautifully and im not gon lie i thot that she was using beyonce\’s fame to get her own but she actually got talent
    and its not her fault that her sister is on the cover of every magazine and she got albums goin platinum and its not her fault that some ppl arent getting \