Video: Mariah Carey at Teen Choice Awards


Click below to watch Mariah Carey perform a mix of “Touch My Body” and “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. Mariah first met her future husband Nick Cannon at the show in 2005.

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  1. Solostar1


  2. OSU

    it’s clear that she is lip syncing. i love Mariah and sometimes it is necessary to lip the words and not sing live, but this is a re-occuring thing with her. If you’re not dancing like Britney, Gyrating like Beyonce, or Gliding on the stage like Janet then it’s not necessary. Mariah’s voice is the bomb….now USE IT. LOVE her to death, but you just KNOW when Whitney comes back in November that she won’t be lip syncing. Mariah’s album is pure fire; it’s super hot and the songs on it are legendary, but girl needs to step up her game and sing live if she wants to compete with Whitney. Let’s all be honest with ourselves, here.

  3. walter

    she needed t.i. badly

  4. SoleFullKiid

    I don’t think Mariah was lip syncing the whole time but she has been lip syncing her long high notes, she still has it, but she needs to not be afraid of singing the WHOLE song.

  5. Catie

    She def didn’t lip synch, not at the end anyways. Hopefully this performance will help IBLULT chart, the song has stalled on the charts even with the help of T.I.


    lol was that Break Sk8 from America’s Best Dance Crew?

  7. AAWesome

    This Mariah production was one of the best so far, re: promoting this album. I agree with Catie, MC was singing live at the end and killed it.

  8. Jayy

    She did not lip sync. If you listen to this version and the studio version it’s very different. Plus when she does this song live, it’s very breathy so u hear her breathe a lot. And those high notes are live. If you listen to the song everytime when she does it live, it’s different. The 1st time she performed it she did good. The second time was when she did it at some mall in cali. it’s not the same. and the performance that she did on the jimmy kimmel show is different listen to the high notes sometimes its high and then sometimes she changes it. So sorry you guys, she’s 100% live…

  9. OSU

    not live. look at her earlier performances from the early 2000′s (check her out on BET singing Vision of Love) all the way back to the 90′s. when she sings live, her movements are MUCH more exaggerated and and uncontrolled than what she did in the above performance. youtube it.