Video: ‘The Single: Monica’ Reality Special


If you don’t live in Atlanta and were not able to watch Monica’s reality special “The Single: Monica,” you can catch the entire episode here.

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  1. B. Rillz

    That was a real good watch! I hope it gets picked up by a major network.

  2. cutieonduty

    That was a really good look and it looks like monica is really coming with the heat.

  3. Twinn

    im really feelin “Still Standing” I feel that it could have been the first single. the lyrics is fiya, the beat is too and it sounds radio friendly. cant wait 4 tha new album!

  4. Catie

    Thanks for posting it. I’m really feeling “Still Standing”, such a hot but yet emotional song. It needs to be on that record, i also think it’s first single material, i don’t know what J Records is thinking. I’m even more excited for this new record now. Monica fans need to watch it.

  5. TNIC

    hey rap-up, will you be posting the 2nd episode and others?

  6. top fan

    Thanks for posting this, Monica is still standing and bringing back some fire… I love it! She is one of the greatest vocalist!