Video: Aubrey O’Day on ‘Wendy Williams’

Danity Kane’s most outspoken member, Aubrey O’Day (or “the messy member” as Wendy calls her), appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” today with her dog Ginger. She spoke about plastic surgery, her love for black men, and wearing underwear, among other topics.

Watch part one of the interview above and part two below.

“I’ve never been interested in anyone [Cassie] dates.” Aubrey speaks on Cassie and Diddy’s relationship in the clip above.

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  1. Jermaine

    Damn Aubrey is so sexy but really she is the more pop star more like the next j.lo she have that class more like her. danity kane they cool but Aubrey is like beyonce of them she hot i been knew when she first hit mtv i knew she was gonna be somethin huge more fo sho solo wise aswell but much love to her and danity kane

  2. Giselle

    Without Aubrey in Danity Kane, it’s basically not a group because she is the group. Everyone in the group is boring, she keeps people guessing and talkig about her. Which is smart. Go Aubrey!

  3. Catie

    Giselle, in my opinion, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Aubrey def keeps the girls in the meia but she is not even close to basically being the group. Out of every vocalist in the group, she is one of the weakest and along with Shannon, barely gets the least amount of verses in songs. Each member brings something different to the group to me.

  4. janelle

    i love aubrey and all the girls from danity kane. i have to agree with catie that all the girls bring somethin to the group. i think if you watch the show and keep up with the group you\’ll find out who they and what kind of person they are as individuals. aubrey is just a little more wild than all of them. lyin sayin she aint have no plastic surgery. from when she first started to now it\’s obvious that she\’s had some things done. of all people to touch their face she would have to… its a shame. she\’s still cute but it\’s more than obvious so why lie?