Teairra Mari: ‘Jay-Z Didn’t Even Call Me and Tell Me Bye-Bye’

Teairra Mari rose to fame in 2005 with her breakout Roc-A-Fella hit “Make Her Feel Good,” around the same time labelmate Rihanna was getting her start. The then 17-year-old released her second single “No Daddy” off her debut Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Teairra Mari and was never heard from since, while Rihanna went on to achieve superstardom.

Now the 20-year-old R&B singer is back and setting the record straight. The former “Princess of the Roc” tells Rap-Up TV how she was left out in the cold by Jay-Z (“Deep down inside I was hurting”), which Def Jam artist reached out in her time of need, and what she thinks of Rihanna’s success.

Teairra Mari looks to the future in Part II of “Teairra Mari: Then & Now” coming soon.

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  1. Kitty

    Wow! They were so tight Jay-z and Teairra Mari at that time! I can remember, they were together at the 2005 GQ-Men of the Year Awards in the UK and they celebrate her video in the 40/40 Club, together on TRL. I think he didn’t gave her a call because you cannot call a friend and tell them the friendship is over!

  2. !watevaisayistrue!

    thats soooooooo wrong and to me Teairra had a wayyyyyy better voice than Ri……I hope by her signing with Interscope Timb Danja Polow and Keri will help her out !

  3. kalichik

    she is a CLASSY chic…and i hope she ends up being very successful..

  4. Kilyan

    She way way muCh betta than thiS fake supaStar..Rihanna..Wat talent doeS Ri have..PLEASE??SINGING…LMAO !DanCinG?I do tha same in my shower…STYLE?PUH-LEESEEEEEEEE !

  5. relay

    Oh please. Since when is it Jay’s responsiblity to be her father? And I read somewhere else that she said it was right before her graduation. If its true I feel bad for her but she needs to get her story straight. I think it was shady Jay couldn’t even say anything to her before they dropped her but the whole father figure thing is stupid.

  6. mcgeeview

    # 5 relay I agree w/ u completely.

    Thank you, if this was clive davis nobody would care b/c it is a part of the business. But since it Jay-Z, everyone is so quick to say how he wrong for dropping her ….. It\’s a business people, and the only people jay owns anything 2 is his-self, his wife(bee), mother, future children.

  7. Sweetie

    Wow you guys seems so suprised. This doesn\’t suprise me one bit. Jay-Z didn\’t even say bye. Look how he did Dame Dash. Jay-Z don\’t give a fuck about nobody. If it don\’t make dollars it don\’t make sense to him. That\’s why she got the boot. It\’s funny to me that she went a whole six-months without telling her family and friends. She said she would have never told them if it wasn\’t getting around. I think that\’s sad. She would have lead them on thinking she was still signed to Def Jam. LOL that\’s funny+sad.

  8. YBE

    Look how he did Dame Dash. Jay-Z don\\’t give a fuck about nobody.

    anybody who says this doesnt know nothing about jay-z, dame dash, or anyhting that went down between them… if you ask them what did he do to dame? nobody can answer… thats because dame is snake and had been doing shit behind jay-z back for years( ask bleek)…

    and to say he dont give a fuck about anybody is pure stupidity… every friend he grew up with is still around him and rich because of him…

  9. allday

    Teairra is young. She has a bright future.I do feel she has more power in her voice than Rihanna. Like what #2 said, timbo, danja, and polow would be a prefect fit for her.

  10. mari



  11. princea

    teairra is such a better singer than that big nosed fake azz wanna b super star rihanna tht ho just got more fame cuz she slept wit J and teairra didnt i hope tht teairra\’s carrer takes off and she knocks that big 4 head HO rihanna down i cant stand rihanna cuz she thinkin she all that. i wish the best 4 teairra and the worst 4 tht big 4 head ho.

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    [...] Before there was Rihanna, there was Teairra Marí. She was supposed to be the first lady of Jay’s label, while Rihanna rode some weird niche “Pon de Replay”-lane. It didn’t work out like that, though. ”Make Her Feel Good” did decently as a single, but “No Daddy” bricked terribly and so did the album. And then Jay kinda just threw her to the side. Naturally Teairra was quite salty. [...]