On the Set of Ne-Yo’s ‘Miss Independent’ Video


As we reported earlier in the week, Ne-Yo shot the video for “Miss Independent” with director Chris Robinson in Santa Monica, CA. It features appearances from Keri Hilson, Gabrielle Union, Lauren London, and Trey Songz.

See more from the set below.

neyo_mi4.jpg neyo_mi3.jpg neyo_mi2.jpg neyo_mi.jpg neyo_mi6.jpg

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  1. j3nn3h

    They all lookinq great


  2. mari

    pissed cuz I live around tha area, i coulda Saw this all star cast!!! pissed Off!


    yall r so exclusive, people aint knowin!

  3. LAmont

    I can’t wait to see this video! Just because Keri Hilson’s in it! :D

  4. Grant

    damn keri hilson look so damn good in pink and that skirt, oh…the things i would do

  5. Giselle

    Lauren and Keri are BEAUTIFUL. I really don’t care for the song though.

  6. dan

    funny, ne-yo is smaller than any lady in the video

    i cant see this hat anymore, even if i like the song

    ne-yo is ugly

  7. sweetpea

    @dan, what do you look like, pls give it up already, yeah he is ugly but he is making a name for himself and money in his pocket, if neyo is ugly, what about seal and the rest of dem ugly mothafuckers, lil wayne aint good looking, if u don’t have anything positive to comment, pls don’t come on on here and talk trash, the song is nice, it is not that easy, he wrote and sang it for Godsakes, i am so pissed rite nw at pple making silly comments abt neyo’s looks and lips, just shut the fuck up y’all

    Keep up the good work neyo, as far as i am concerned , you r the best there is out there and all y’all haters know it

  8. linda

    mann ya\’ll shld juss stop hattin cuz aint neva been thru this so ya\’ll shld juss shut up if u aint gt nthin gud to say bou ma boii ne-yo!!this video is goin to be great nd i wll kp on supportin ne-yo so to all ya\’ll haterz stop judgin him nd luk at urselves first…u alrdy knw lorv yah ne-yo!!

  9. sweetpea

    Thank you linda, well said. What did sound savvy say abt his performance at the bet awards, here it is guys,

    Mack: So finally we had someone to really bring it to the stage: my main man Ne-yo
    Mello: yea…Ne-Yo made Usher look BAD
    Mack: and that Jabbawockeez cameo at the end was a definite highlight. He gets bonus points from me on that one
    Mello: Live singing, choreography
    Mack: hell yeah… not just choreography… KICK-ASS Choreography
    Mello: Ne-Yo is the definition of a true entertainer
    Mack: he is… he writes, sings, performs…
    Mello: too bad his looks don\’t match up to his artistry( not true, he damn fine)
    Mack: well in his defense, Ashanti\’s artistry doesn\’t match her looks!
    Mello: sidenote: MELLO is not SHALLOW
    Mack: He sang through the whole thing… it was a well-planned out performance… and that song is a banger. Usher might need to deflate his ego a bit and break out the pen and pad. TAKE NOTES!
    Mello: and hit the gym… can\’t 4get bout that.

    Sorry usher, no offence meant, I didn\’t make the comments

  10. S.Dirty

    was that Mya at the end, with the solo dance with Ne-Yo?