New Music: LL Cool J f/ 50 Cent – ‘Feel My Heart Beat’


LL Cool J and 50 Cent. ‘Nuff said.

LL Cool J f/ 50 Cent – “Feel My Heart Beat”

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  1. amsteram-mike

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Could you please be so kind to put the mic down and stop rappin’ so we can still remember you 4 the classics you made in the past and not the CORNY SHIT you’re releasing the last couple of albums!

    You’ve broken my heart once again…

    Real lame…still respect u though…

    Dear Mr Jackson,

    I’m hoping your next album is going be classic again just like GRODT. Your last 2 albums weren’t all that, let’s just be honest about it;-) And I’m not even gonna start about that TOS records….Supadupa LAME…
    No more free passes 4 u neither!!!! Take your time and please make an effort to make some real hiphop again that would make US ALL PROUD!!!



    lol mike

    much respect for LL Cool J, he’s such a legend you kind of have to go along with everything he does musically…