Fox 5 to Solange: ‘Quit Gravy Training Off Your Sister’

Just when you thought the Solange drama with Las Vegas’ KVVU Fox 5 News couldn’t get any more interesting, Fox 5 anchors recently addressed the issue on-air.

“What a little brat!” said the male anchor. “Quit gravy training off your sister and do your own career.” Oh snap!

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  1. bass_man

    wooooowwww. Are they serious? Did that just happen?
    How can call themselves a news network when they act like high schoolers. Such a-holes.

    I hope Solange does not retaliate b/c she needs to be the bigger person.

    Sly Fox…

  2. Dominicano


  3. bass_man


    And by the way, go get her album yall. It’s fire.

  4. DOC

    We all know FOX News (both the affiliate news stations and the official channel) are Republicans and racists. Solange was right for sticking up to them for their foolishness and putting them on blast.

  5. MattL


  6. Stephanie

    That was meana nd uncalled for. She explained it herself that she had an ear piece where she could hear the producer was telling the Anchor to ask about Jay-Z’s club.

    They call themselves professionals whereas they are only in position to deliver news and that put their opinion in anything. Similar to Rocsi who may not like 50 Cent but must show respect on 106.

    Her album is great and lets see how foolisht ehy look when her sales come out!

  7. nasia

    Oh Wow @ The Reporter Guy HOW HE DOING???? Lmao

  8. smart broad

    Retaliate? Now that’s funny.

    While the male anchor’s comments reflect entertainment reporting, than news reporting, I do understand where he is coming from. I believe the female reporter did well to balance the intentional disregard directed towards Solange. If the news broadcast is to be journalistic, then he and the station owe Ms. Knowles an apology. If the new broadcast is patterned to be more entertainment news, then the male reporter is playing within the boundaries of negativity set forth by Solange.

    Having said that, Ms. Knowles was wrong; she was rude and owes the interviewer an apology, bottom line. I totally agree that Fox News is notorious for presenting slanted information; however, in this case Ms. Knowles brought it all upon herself. She misspoke, and rather than put the news organization on blast, she put her foot in her mouth. And her explanation after the fact, IMO, demonstrates just how shallow the young woman is. Own up to your mistake and this will blow over. Acting a fool and refusing to admit that she is wrong will haunt her in this business, unless of course she explodes (not implode) on the music scene, which IMO opinion she won’t be doing with this CD. Until she apologizes to the interviewer, Ms. Knowles will not profit from any of my dollars.

  9. DOC

    But #8, why should Solange apologize? To be honest, Solange did what she had to do. I work in broadcast, so I know what goes on in certain situations. If she’s in NYC and the news is in Vegas, then all she has in that room with her is the camera man and an earpiece (because she’s doing via-satelite interviews). She can only go by what the producers are saying. And if they said saomething out of line prior to that, she had every right to step up and say something.

  10. Shenia

    All she had to do was apologise to her interviewer after she told her that that wasn\’t live and went on with the interview rather than sitting there and acting a fool. She needs them if she\’s going to make it. That\’s the entertainment industry for you. Being Bee\’s footmat, she should know better. Oh well, there goes her \

  11. dont hate !!!!!

    Man fuck her she is a rude ass bitch i have seen several of her interviews and she is rude……her LP is flopping and only sold 50,000 in its first week !!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  12. !watevaisayistrue !

    Yeah she is mad rude she was over seas and she got snapping with another reporter talkin bout” oh yeah as if i like getting up at 5 am to perform. She is a lil bratty and she wont get not na’ bit of my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$………she is late amy whinehouse did this type of music already………..

  13. Dominicano

    @11: ppl like ur r the reason our world is bein stupid and afraid of change like nas said everyone needs a hero shes FEMALE THAT DOESNT TAKE BULLSHIT N HER album did very well why u sayin it flop check ur records and stop wit the wack ass comments ignorant ass

  14. Dominicano

    n my comment goes for the same @12 tooo

  15. Catie

    Why would Solange need to apologize? It was a misunderstanding, she thought they mentioned the whole Jay Z thing on air. She was just frustrated that they would even bring up something like that when she is promoting HER album. The news anchor is also an idiot for saying that she needs to quit gravy training off her sister when the whole fight started because Solange is tired of being asked about her sister and her husband. Solange has made it clear that when she is interviewed, she would like the interview to be about her and not just her sister or Jay Z.

  16. bass_man

    I still feel the retaliation was uncalled for.

    I really wish Solange would\’ve apologized to the reporter. It would\’ve smoothed things out.
    However, she had every right to be upset. She said it was ordered in a really cold tone. But to the network? hell no she doesn’t need to apologize and this “newscast” just proved that.

    But lmao @ 7!!! I was saying the same thing! how u duwen?

  17. jj3308

    I agree with #8 solange is very rude and I was all set to go buy her new album but she has a bad attitude..she should have never opened up her mouth…she needs to learn to be more professional…beyonce was like that when she 1st started..she was acting like she couldnt be touched…but she learned you will only lose fans..thats why beyonce has adjusted her attitude in interviews

  18. Dominicano

    @17: i disagree sorry if she real wit her shit thats a bad chic n she knoe it n she got heart than a muthafucka i bet u would said nuthin but just been lookin stupid as hell while they was all in ur biz damn sum ppl r too damn narrow minded and dumb as hell

  19. bass_man

    look. that’s her family. that’s obviously a chord that was struck.

    @ 17: and I’m sure she’s not worried about losing fans, because they know her and her temperament. if they were to leave her now, they weren’t real fans.

  20. P-Harmonic

    You have to be ignorant or racist to not have seen anything wrong with this reporter’s statements. He was out of line.. Solange heard the producer speak about her family and for anyone that would touch a nerve.

    Sly Fox indeed….

    Oh, and the album is classic.. go get that.

  21. Dominicano

    i totally agree @20!!!!!!!!

  22. Giselle

    Okay, the news reporters are very childish. Why even respond? Solange was wrong in a way, or atleast the way she handled it because it was unprofessional. Besides, this wasn’t even that serious.

  23. Why support?

    Why you all support her album! The Knowles have enough money just because Beyonce is to greedy to share, I should support this fake sister! No, her attitude is just not normal! I hope her album flops, so she don\’t bring another anytime soon!

  24. jj3308

    @18 yes i would have sat there and not said anything until we were off camera because for one when people are done watching an interview they should want to go buy whatever it is your promoting not have you thinking about who was rude or who was being nosy…she just a rude ass b**** and couldnt keep her mouth closed for 2 mins.

  25. Dominicano

    @24: get the fuck outta here if u had ppl thta look up to u would u be fake in front of the cameras for them too?? thats all bullshit i believe solange handle that shit well she a true thug misses and stilll got a fuckin record deal she a bad chic it doesnt matter if u think she rude cuz at the end aof the day she laughing wit money in her pockets while everyone sayin they hope she flop this chic was raise wit money all ready so it aint no thang to this gurl

  26. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    Fuck Solange & Fox 5 News they just made this shit up to make money!!!

  27. Rodra

    GO Solange! That anchor dude needs to shup up and listen to the album! Who he think he is?

    The album is so GOOD! I\’m addicted! Hope he has a lot of success and goes multi-platinum!

  28. LAmont

    They were very un-professional.That guy needs to calm down he’s way out of line.Solange album is really good a nice soulful album. :D

  29. k

    i love solanges album. and the reporter was unprofessional. but then again it is fox news were talking about. who watches fox news. next.

  30. Tee

    As a TV reporter myself, I feel something should be clarified.

    The guy is an anchor some of you are calling him a reporter, he is not. Therefore, as an anchor, they are ALLOWED to have opinions when giving the news or telling stories.

    I just don’t see why they felt the need to re-hash something that happened in the morning show, but whatever.

    Solange should know by now that producers say shit all the time but it doesn’t mean the anchor will follow through. And I feel like we need to bring the producer into this. He/she should have been smart enough not to have their comments going through Solange’s ear monitor. STUPID!

  31. ron.e

    FOX has always been equivalent to TRASH. I’m not a Solange fan by any means but I found it a bit disturbing that these types of outlet (i.e. low-class anchor) are even considered to be on-air.

  32. bass_man

    solange responded on her blog.

    it’s tough.

    but she should of left it alone. smh.

  33. dulzemorena

    SOLANGE is such a LOSER. Her ungrateful ass would not have been interviewed for her so called unique music if she was not “Beyonce’s Little Sister”. Too many REAL artist remain underrated and unsigned and this chick has a recording contracted handed to her for being related to a SUPER STAR. She needs to FALL BACK, stick to raising Baby Daniel and enjoy spending Jay & Beyonce’s fortune. This time FOX was RIGHT ON.