Video: Brandy – ‘Right Here (Departed)’

“Right Here (Departed)” is the first single off Brandy’s fifth studio album Human (Nov. 11). The video was directed by Lil’ X and features cameos from her brother Ray J and super producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

We really were hoping for a huge comeback video for Brandy, but this is disappointing to say the least.

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  1. Dominicano

    well the video look stunning like a movie but i was lost like wat is goin on but i think it didnt say much it was too over the place and the whole video she wasnt dancing or anything else yea it is wack but visual beautiful tho

  2. Darius The Songwriter

    (sighs). I’m so disappointed with this video. As much as I love the song “Right Here (Departed)”, the video fails to deliver the same energy as the song. This is not “comeback” video material. I’m definitely rooting for Brandy but, she’s gonna have to come a little harder than this. Fortunately she looks have way decent but, aside from that, the video is less than stellar.

    C’mon, Bran. Is this what we’ve been waiting for?

  3. baROCK the VOTE

    Brandy is wonderful and the song speaks for itself, the video doesnt make the song but that song makes the video… It works for me! Thanks Brandy for this hopeful song



  5. Day-Day-DC

    Great video minimal extra ish..makes the impact of the song greater. Its good to see a video thats just simple and direct without all the filler but still gets your attention with a direction/though not just dancing lights club etc…what we need a lil more of today. Less is more alot of times.


    people, people, people r u fuckin serious this video is huge it makes perfect sense and fits the song perfectly. she is the angel that is guiding them through hard times saying when u feel your hearts guarded, and u feel the break starting,when the clouds have far departed , u\\\’ll be right here with me. saying at worst of times u can still find hope. Can somebody please tell me what they were expecting from the video cause fukin ppl r always gonna be unsatisfied.

  7. Mo

    Very Great soul lifting song and Video.. i would av bn disappointed if she had danced at all…. Go on B..Rock do ya thing babes… A duet with beyonce will be hmmmmm Fabulous. i had Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins is working with beyonce too maybe i av guessed right that Brandy and beyonce duet can surface?

  8. B. Rillz


  9. Broken Down Negro

    I got mad luv for Brandy and the Song but when you rock the superhero flex throughout the video and don\’t so much as hover…
    i am disappointed b-Rocka, disappointed!
    You betta fix up, look sharp for the next one!

  10. Catie

    I’m not disappointed because the song isn’t an over the top song so why would she make a video that doesn’t go with the song? I’ll admit that there could have been more scenes in the video but i think it came out good. Brandy looks great too.

  11. linda

    gurl got it goin on ryt there she sure is backk with a bang too…nd she luks real gud much live ti her nd her family do ur thang gurl nd welcum bac!!!

  12. you dont know me...

    im really feeling this one!

  13. cocoabean

    The problem has always been Brandy’s first single choices. If she had released I Thought from the Full Moon Album as a single and Afrodisac as a first single from the Afrodisiac album she would never have been hit with disappointing sales. I have heard some of the material from her upcoming Human album and she could have come back harder if she released “Fall” or even “Poreclain Doll” as the debut singles. I have much love for Brandy’s music and will no doubt be getting her album but i feel her choices are a little poor when it comes to marketing her upcoming albums.

  14. Broken Down Negro

    …But she didn’t FLY!!!

  15. DOMINO D

    AS IF the words “COMEBACK” mean nothing! This is worst than Kelly Rowland’s failed attempts in the U.S. Round 2…. Imma need Monica to really bring it. Fact is, this plain ass video will NEVER make it to number one status. Unless you are a fan, this video will be ignored in comparison to the others out right now. When will Brandy and Monica finally do another damn duet to save both of their careers?!



  17. baROCK the VOTE

    GOOD music isnt about just a video, its about the SONG. Come on people grow up and listen to this song, it is hot! It sells itself without all the glam of a multi million dollar video. Brandy is back, she has never made poppin videos because her music speaks volumes to REAL PEOPLE JUST WANTING TO LIVE AND LOVE!

  18. departed39

    i just pray that she makes it to the top again bcuz alot of u haters don\’t believe in her and u forgot what real music is