Beyoncé to Release Third Album Nov. 18


She’s back! Music World Music/Columbia Records will release the third full-length studio album from the international superstar and cultural icon Beyoncé on Tuesday, November 18th.

One of 2008′s most hotly anticipated new album releases, Beyoncé’s as-yet-untitled upcoming album marks the artist’s first new studio collection since the Grammy-winning multi-platinum-selling B’Day debuted at #1 on charts around the world shortly after its international release on September 4, 2006 (in celebration of Beyoncé’s 25th birthday).

Beyoncé’s fans will get their first glimpse of the artist’s new album with the simultaneous release of two of the album’s key tracks—”If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies”—scheduled to impact radio on October 7th.

With all songs co-written and co-produced by Beyoncé, the artist’s third studio album is her most personal, reflective, and revelatory collection to-date.

Lensed live at Radio City Music Hall on September 5th, Beyoncé’s spectacular performance at the “Fashion Rocks” fifth anniversary extravaganza, a star-studded concert honoring the relationship between music and fashion, will be broadcast on CBS on Tuesday, September 9th at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

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  1. Beeyah!

    Umm … Ciara already did Like A Boy and Single Ladies sounds like the 08 version of Independent women.


  2. djbaps

    SHUTUP beeyah u haven’t even heard the songs u idiot…. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY FAVE ARTIST EVER TO BRING IT ON!!!

  3. Beeyah!

    Beyonce stans are so immature.

    Beyonce has clearly run out of ideas if she’s swagger jacking Ciara and remaking old DC songs. That’s why she’s putting out two singles at the same time. None of them must be that strong.

  4. graicen

    bay was a mess first of all. im lookin forward to hearin her stuff. n she co-wrote n co-produced all the songs? hmmm nw its co wrote? shes known for takin all da credit for writing tracks she didnt eg. irreplaceable and the bridge that she wrote in crazy in love but claimed to write it all. smh people like rap-up that idolize these fuckin stars. icon of what? smh shes talented but yall over rate this bitch to much. many singers better than her. n i didnt know that that album was highly anticipated? smh. but all in all lets ee her get success wit this. imma wait to judge till i hear the tracks

  5. graicen

    bday bot bday @ above

  6. thebestartistever

    Beyoncé is gonna have the best album of this year and her career. i feel it. people who hate on her are just stupid, have bad taste and are insecure. she has the best voice ever, go listen to stop sign. yall can\\\’t understand how much this girl is talented and underrated. bring ciara next to her doesn\\\’t make any sense. yall a trip.

  7. a*

    B is one of the best artist EVER and of course the most versatile, she’s complete as no one can be.

  8. Beeyah!

    If Ciara is not that important why is Beyonce remaking Like A Boy ?

  9. Yazz

    Beeyah! your crazy.
    Do you even know if she’s remaking “Like A Boy”?Beyonce’s song is called:”If I Were A Boy”.Stop hating and start appreciating.Beyoncé is the BETS and y’all know that.Rihanna who?Ciara what?forget about them.The Bee is about to sting!!!!

  10. Beeyah!

    Yes I am crazy. And?

    What’s your point?

    Her song titles sound unoriginal.

  11. pinkpop

    Please stop comparing to Ciara’s “Like a Boy” single, when no one even heard a note of B’s Song. Can’t understand why people are that crazy to hate. Sure, the title sounds the same in some way, but I#m sure it’ll be complete different… so, who cares, there are hundreds of songs with even the same title.

    Can’t wait for the singles and album to drop. The Queen is back… waited so long for it :)

  12. BhrisB

    Beyonce is the best.
    NOBODY has heard either song.
    So shut the hell up.
    I bet your gonna go out and buy the album.
    I know i am. Love you B!

  13. Dominicano

    beyonce is borin she need to seat her ass down and pop out sum damn lil jay z lol

  14. MOV

    Good laud, ya’ll are just a mess! WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THE DAMN SONG! Geez…And this is just my personal opinion…..but I don’t get why it is they are releasing an album for her near when Michelle is supposed to drop? I’m not even comparing the two I’m just saying if they want both artists to get their shine and to sell, space it out!

    It was already a BAD move for them to push Michelle’s album back and now to have Beyonce drop the month right after? Come on Columbia!

  15. KIKI

    Who cares.. Not a fan but I’m not a hater either. I just don’t get the hype about this chick.. She’s just like any other singer..

  16. Twinn

    ya kinda late with telling when her album is due out…just saying…but cant wait I hope thi album is as good as the last two :)

  17. angel


  18. bass_man

    mmm yawn.

    God knows, take a break from music. She just shot two films.
    Let Solange and Michelle push their albums a bit more. lawd.

  19. Catie

    Seriously, why do they keep putting Michelle Williams on the back burner?

    I didn\’t expect a new album from Beyonce this soon.

  20. jennifer

    Sorry Beyonce stans but the chick\’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overrated and overhyped. Yup, I said it. She\’s NOT for the people. Her music is senseless and all her mediahype is nausiating. Will NOT be looking forward to all this useless overexposure.

  21. Dominicano

    yea i agree beyonce is tooo over rated her sister solange is so much better n her music style beyonce is borin n played out

  22. jennifer

    There’s so much other talent that needs to be hyped: Esperanza Spalding, Ledisi, etc. These woman can SAAAAANG and their artistry is amazing. But it’s all about record sales and media coverage so the truly talented ones lost out. Sadly, that’s the way of the world.

  23. chris

    first ciara copys beyonce cuz she had babyboy before ciara ever came out with like a boy so who copying now ha ha ha haters 2 the left

  24. Rap-Up-Player

    Yall dummies shut the fuck up.

    Beyonce si the QUEEN OF RnB…shes the reason why mya, amerie,ashanti and etcc hoes aint doing shit.
    She can SANG.

    yall hate bc yall dumb….im not even a stan but damn show some respect to talented artists.

  25. jennifer

    Who in their right mind made Beyonce the “Queen of R&B”? That’s like saying that Jesse Jackson’s the “Leader of Black America.”
    Go listen to some real music. O, I forgot. REAL talent isn’t always rewarded.

  26. Sarah

    I’m not buying this Biotch album, I’ll download it for free. She got Jay-Z and that wannabe fake arse ring. She doesn’t look like she needs my money any way.

  27. Dominicano


  28. departed39

    i think brandy\’s album is gonna be better..beyonce has nice singles but her albums were never that good..