Album Sales Keep Gettin’ Worse


It’s no secret that the music industry is suffering from poor album sales. In fact, this week’s Billboard chart shows a sign of the times. Two artists, LL Cool J and Kardinal Offishall, both released albums that debuted with less than 50,000 copies. LL Cool J’s last album, 2006′s Todd Smith, sold 116,000 its first week. His latest, Exit 13, moved 44,000 copies. Kardinal Offishall’s album Not 4 Sale had a top 5 hit with “Dangerous” and still only pushed 12,000 units.

The days of physical album sales are quickly fading. How long will it be until we see the complete extinction of CDs?

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  1. Catie

    I think it has more to do with the artist and not the ‘times. LL Cool J’s single Baby” was a flop which most likely led to the album sales and nobody really knows who Kardinal Offishall is, his “Dangerous” song is a hit because of the actual song and Akon, not because of him.(that’s what the media/public goes by). He also had no almost no promotion for his album.

    When you think about it, this year has had the biggest opening week sales in years. Lil Wayne, Plies, Young Jeezy and The Game have all had either incredible first week sales or even decent. I’m sure T.I.’s album will sell anywhere from 500,000 copies to even 800,000 in his first week. I’m also just talking about rappers here, for all these artists to sell over 200,000 copies in one week is quite impressive. There are also artists like Mariah, Usher & Leona Lewis who have had impressive opening week sales this year too. With that being said, i think if the aritst has enough exposure and is relevant at that time then their album sales will be decent.


    Yea i def agree but the record labels need to push the promotion of albums with atleast 2 singles and videos before releasing the album. For example Donnie Klang, is diddy a fuckin idiot how do u expect him to sell records if you only release 1 single and video for your artist? He could have sold a lot more with the right single and promotion. He only sold 22,000 the first week!!! Danity Kane are the only ones bringing in the sales for that label. And def jam is slackin ll cool j\’s promotion was horrible and hes been on there since the 80\’s CMON. Kardinal Offishall had a really good album im suprised it didnt do any justice with the sales. Labels need to realize, put forth more money for promotion cause the sales will be remarkably a lot better and at the end of the day the labels will be making more money.

  3. jj3308

    i agree with # 1 and 2 there needs to be more promotion and at least 2 singles released before an album drops(look at neyo and pcd next week)

  4. TheOne

    Yeah, but promotion costs a lot. Everyone always says MORE PROMO. How can the labels do more promo if there are no budgets? Marketing an album takes millions of dollars to do right. Few people understand that.

  5. Dominicano

    i totally agree #4


    #4 thats true but then again when you think about it, If labels spend millions of dollars to make the artists album, whats the point of puting it out if they know its not gonna sell with there bullshit promotion??? That would mean there losing a lot of money right??? The label would be spending millions of dollars and the album dont even sell. Wheres the logic in that can somebody tell me????

  7. signothetimes

    People seriously…this has nothing to do with poor albums sales….music now sucks! as far as im concerned, ne-yo is the only artist who put out a quality cd this week…kardnial offishall is a hack; “Dangerous” was only a top 5 hit because of Akon. L.L.’s album is actually damn good, but they promoted the album with “Baby” which was not a quality single (and i like alot of stuff The Dream does). The music industry is in a stale state; suffering from a lack of inspiration and a lack of quality artists…theirs a reason why most producers nowadays are going for an 80′s synth like sound because that was quality music…theres alot of good songs out right now but sadly, these songs dont get any radio play or catch on; its just the way it is. And in response to one of the posts before; record labels used to only have to put one song/video before an album came out, because the lead single would be GOOD…not the case anymore.

  8. bass_man

    That’s horrible…

    Honestly, I love buying CD’s. I bought LL’s record among many others. But I used my momma’s money! Things are waayy to expensive nowadays.

  9. TMB

    You never know when albums are coming out unless they create some kind of unnecessary hype 50 vs Kanye or someone getting arrested over something stupid etc. So it\’s hard to get good sales if no one knows when it\’s being released. No less with all of the album push backs so when you may have had an idea they turn around and move the date. Also stuff leaks on the net way before labels finally feel comfortable about releasing stuff. LL\’s album had a couple of tracks I liked. Kardi\’s album has a handful of tracks that I have in regular rotation. Ne-Yo has made it officially the year of the gentleman and T.I.\’s album is going to do some good numbers although I have no idea what the official tracklisting is but everything I\’ve come across is hot…. will take some time for Let My Beat Pound to grow on me though.