Video: Shontelle – ‘T-Shirt’

Shontelle is a new R&B singer/songwriter signed to SRC/Universal Motown. She bares a striking resemblance to fellow Bajan Rihanna. The 23-year-old will release her debut album Shontelligence on November 18th.

Watch the video for her catchy first single “T-Shirt” above. And yes, we know Destiny’s Child had a song called “T-Shirt” too.

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  1. zacoya

    Love the song & video…SH ELOOKS Nothing like rihanna…rihana is lighter with green eyes and more of a shape

  2. Kwalls

    I like the song and video
    She’s a cutie
    and yes she does resemble
    Rihanna a lil bit


    shes looks like Dawn from danity kane!

  4. Jus Tony

    This is whats hot!

  5. V9

    Im DIGGIN it!

  6. Catie

    Ahh WAHMEEZY, i was going to say the same thing, haha. I think she looks like Dawn more than Rihanna.

  7. james

    shes not that gud looking..her face is 2 long and muscular looking,,ew
    rihanna looks way better

  8. Nate

    Yer ! i was thinking exactly the same thing

    she looks more like dawn from danity kane than rihanna

    rihanan is soo much fitterr :)

    may i add, no one on the corner has swagga like us

  9. K-Vha

    yay , sumthin new and fresh . simple track and simple video , very nice . sounds like a Stargate production [cant mistake it with then drum pattern , and piano] ..
    lookin forward to hearin mo stuff from her ..


    I love this track. Vid is great too. Shonteezy lookin fly

  11. trina

    yea she is extemyl attactive way better than Rhianna alien looking face

  12. diva4life

    I love the single and the video…beautiful! I think she’s taking part in the Think Pink event on Saturday. I have to find out more about it.

  13. Susan22

    She’s soooo pretty. This video is the hotness. Please tell me more info on that think pink event diva.

  14. diva4life

    Will do…In the meantime, I just found out that her song “Battle Cry” is on the Obama Campaign CD “Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroot Movement”!!

  15. fransleeca

    she is way way way better then rihanna she can actually sang i like this song she pretty but i gotta admit rihanna looks better but she do got some pretty eyes