Darkchild Vlog #1: Janet Jackson Leaves Island Def Jam

Janet Jackson is officially a free agent. In his first Darkchild video blog for Rap-Up.com, super producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins exclusively reveals that Janet has cut ties with the Island Def Jam Music Group.

There had been speculation that the youngest Jackson was having issues with the label, but we now have confirmation that she has been released from her contract. Janet signed to Island Def Jam in 2007 and released Discipline, her first album on the label, in February of this year. It debuted at No. 1, but sold less in its first week than Janet’s last two albums, 2006′s 20 Y.O. and 2004′s Damita Jo. Jerkins produced the album’s first single “Feedback” and follow-up “Luv.”

“We didn’t get the support from the record company,” he discloses. “[Janet] felt like it wasn’t pushed. I felt like it wasn’t pushed correctly. She just didn’t get her just due as an artist of that magnitude.”

Jerkins also shares his thoughts on Janet’s Rock Witchu Tour and looks to the future. “I could make an album with her, possibly me, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis. Keep it real simple. They focus on what they’re great at, I focus on what I’m great at. We come together and make a classic Janet record.”

The beatmaster breaks some exciting news about the Pussycat Dolls later this week. To get this update and more, make sure you subscribe to the Darkchild Vlog via Rap-Up TV.

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  1. Julio

    I’m sure the change is a great move for her. And about the colabo between Janet, JJ, TL and Rodney, I think thah will be simple AWESOME!! Good news!

  2. Achi

    I REALLY hope you will be aible to make an entire album for Janet with just you, jimmy and terry. That would be just… the best ever. I\’m very excited!! And if you speak to Janet, would you like to tell her that all fans wanna her all her unreleased tracks, and that an icon like her deserves her own boxset with unreleased stuff. Thank You.

  3. romania

    Great News…janet is the queen!

    keep bring news about her!

  4. SHAWN

    This is good news for Janet and the idea of you along with Jimmy and Terry would make a great album. I would throw in RAPHEAL SAADIQ for a couple of songs too. ;-)

  5. David

    great news for Janet. IDJ totally disrespected her for their stars of less magnitude, and now they\’re paying for it because those stars\’ albums didn\’t sell either. but an entire album of Janet, Jam, Lewis, & Jerkins would be SICK with a capital \

  6. Jazmine

    She Just Needs To Hang It Up!!! Your A Legend & Always WILL Be 1!! Her Music Just Isn’t The Same Now She Needs Just Stick To Movies Its Beyonce, Alicia Keys,Keyshia Cole,Rihanna,Ciara,& Few Others Time They Are The Future You Were THE PAST! Hopping From Label To Label isn’t Gonna Help

  7. shawn

    Jazmine sit down somewhere, Janet should stop making music when JANET wants to stop.. That\’s the problem with these young kids, they are quick to tell someone to stop making music.

  8. LEXUS

    HEY RODNEY, YOU + janet + jimmy and terry =\’s fire !!!!! make that happen asap my brother !!!

  9. Nasia

    #6 I Totally Agree With YOu She Has More Talent Than Just Siging ooops whew I MEAN Dancing LMAO! She Can Act VERY Good
    She HAs A Cool Lingere Line She Is Pretty But Umm All Those Ladies You Had Mentionted Janet Can’t Compete With That Just How I Feel No One Has To Agree BUt I Know 1 Thing Nobody Better NOT Disrespect Me By Calling B**thes, & Tell Me To STFU Cuz Its My Opinion & You DON’t Have To Agree With Me!

  10. Kev

    I’m happy that she’s left IDJ. ’cause they SUCKS! Janet , Jimmy & Terry and Darkchild 2gether will make a classic Janet album that IDJ would recgret they way they treat her.

    I can see another album releasing at the end of 2009. within’ the holiday sales! Luv u Janet & darkchild :D

  11. janfan

    Nasia you can shut the fuck up right along with Jazmine. Long as Janet has FANS she’ll continue to make music. If you don’t like it, then please exit ————————>

    Anyway so glad she left IDJ, an album produced by Rodney, Jimmmy, and Terry is a dream come true!

  12. Hillis

    Janet, I\’m so happy for you. You deserve better. Discipline is a great body of work and should have been marketed more. I hope you have your own label.

  13. janfan

    and you have to nerve to say she can\’t compete with those ladies. Do you not know who she is? have you not seen her performances? Those girls WISH they had the stage presence of Janet. Listen to Rodney when he said she performed 30-40 songs in 2.5 hours. Dancing her age off at 40+ bitch please. Janet continue to do you.

  14. keith

    with her tour doing so well record companies will be ready to sign her.she just needs a company that will back her 100%.

  15. King Game

    Janet said “IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL.. NOW LET ME GO!!!!”

    * insert whip sound effect*

  16. Ozfan

    This is truly wonderful news for Janet. IDJ was not the label for her. She needs a label that supports her fully and knows how to respect a legend of her magnitude.

    And the idea of producing an album with JJ, TL and Rodney would be amazing. I hope that becomes a reality!

    Jazmine: Bee, Rhianna, Ciara, etc are our future!? LMAO! What have you been huffing girl…

  17. Tia

    PLEASE!!! make this happen Janet just needs to go back to basics with U ,TL,JJ shell be back on top where she most def belongs..Luv U Janet

  18. ralphie

    im glad she left def jam and bald-headed ass LA reid, discipline should still be on the charts with its 3rd single released by now, they dropped the ball heavy im so glad janet toured, maybe after she can find a label that supports her fully and understands the magnitude of the janet trademark, she is not to be fucked with, an album with u, j+t would be off the chain!!! i think she should take your offer into consideration, and all these youngins in here talking bout she needs to hang up the towel, yet u say that ciara, rihanna, are the future???? r u kidding me, yeah the future of non-performers

  19. Kwalls

    Janet sit down…
    lately them albums been flopping.
    Its not the record label its
    Go somewhere and have some kids lol….

  20. rgeezee

    A JANET JAM LEWIS JERKINS CALLABO – SIC, AMAZING!” and new label?!!!!! DON’T TALK ABOUT IT – BE ABOUT IT! ya’ll hurry up and get in the studio ya hear! Can’t wait til October 17 2008 – Rock witchu tour NJ/NY!

  21. QH

    Maintain Janet Jackson. You’ve shown the doubters that you are still the icon that matters with two sell-out dates, and more to come on your tour.

    So, keep it going, and do it. See you on 10/15/08 at Verizon Center D.C. REP JANET!

  22. Anthony

    Thank God. The lord is good. I been waiting to hear this news since she signed with them from the start. Plus I don’t even know why she would downgrade herself by going to “ghetto deaf jam” That’s like Michael Jackson being @ idk… Slip & Slide records. LOL.. Her name is just to big for that. They basically told her, they don’t give a fuck if your name is Janet Jackson, ima treat u 3rd class to everybody else. Plus in the 1st place this album “Discipline” was rushed. They made her do a rushed job instead of letting her go on tour like she was suppose to in the 1st place. Usually Janet does not come out with another back to back album in less then 1yr from the previous. Anyway @ least she asked to be released, shoot.. Who wouldn’t? but @ the end of the day Janet Jackson is still The best there is, The best there was, & The best there ever will be.

  23. janetsgurl

    Yes, janet is on a whole other level, and this tour is proving it.Defjam mos def dropped the ball and they are going to be riding the Karma train because this tour is proving that janet is indeed the queen and that they should have given her support of her project.Her concert just sold-out at the staples center and vegas proving she is still a force in the industry and has many more albums to give us in the future.A project with Darkchild,Jimmy and terry would be mega-tight!!!

  24. mr. peepers

    janfan, u r the best!

    and good for janet for leaving those a-holes at IDJ. can\’t wait to see what\’s next.

  25. Brandi202

    I\’m glad she left IDJ. The lack of promotion was a great insult to Janet! To both the young ladies who said Janet should stop recording and mentioned other young artists who have copied damn near all of Janet\’s style is just a pure joke and I\’m lol @ both of yall for saying something so freaking stupid. Are you girls crazy??? Ciara is a rip off copy of Janet. Beyonce is ok but doesn\’t hold a candle to Janet and don\’t let it be a dance contest because B wouldn\’t even show up. Watching her dance is like watching paint dry on a wall. Rihanna got style and that\’s pretty much it! Her dancing and singing is wack and according to recent news I just heard she\’s broke. Last time I checked Janet Jackson a true icon and legend is on the Forbes List as a rich woman!!! Alicia and Keisha are no damn Whitney Houston and can\’t put on a show like Janet if their lives depended on it. Janet started the game and will continue to keep teaching all those young artists both of yall just mentioned!!! I sure hope Janet listens to you Rodney and that all of you Jimmy and Terry make a sick album. Although I think she focus on this tour and give the fans what we\’ve been waiting 4 for so long….. I can\’t wait to see J on Oct 15th Washington, DC. Its been a long time coming…..


  26. sebastian

    lol@ blamin Def Jam. ROdney, boy you have to face the reality. Trannet is a has been and the song you produced was just trash.lol

    her tour looks like shit too.lol Who wanna see that old pussy doin those old robotic routines and sex fakin todaylol…Nobody.

  27. Jazmine

    JanFan Eat My Pussy JANET IS OVER BITCH!



  29. Nasia

    @ brandi You Hated On ALL 6 Of The Ladies We Mentioned But Lmao bcuz THEY ALL SING Better Than Janet Which Is Sooo Sad Bcuz Rihanna & Ciara Aren’t Stella Went It Comes To Vocals SMH

  30. diane

    im really glad she left..i think that project would be great,,

  31. Carl

    Back off ciara. gos sake. we know janet is the original but they are differnt artists so falll back. GO EVERY SINGER WHO\’S DOIN THERE THING.

  32. Chadd


    I’m glad Janet is thru with IDJ… Darkchild + Janet = HOT… Feedback shows us that! The idea to work with Janet, Jimmy, & Terry is an EXPLOSIVE IDEA… I think you guys should definitely do it!

  33. JRay


  34. JRay



  35. JRay


  36. Brandi202

    Nasia I own copies of Beyonce, Keisha and Alicia\’s albums!!! Thank you very much hater! I like Ciara but all in all she\’s a rip off copy of Janet. Different dancing styles but you can see who see grew up watching and that\’s Janet. Back to Keisha and Alicia they can sing but again none of them are Whitney Houston when it comes to good singing! Since you want to go there on vocals…. Oh and none of those women put on a show like Janet. She\’s a pop singer hater! How many of those can sing anyway and by the way Janet out sings Rihanna any day of the week. Janet can sing but she can\’t sang. There is a difference and in my opinion none on that list hold a candle to Whitney The VOICE and Janet the ENTERTAINER! To the rest of you Janet Haters get off the computer and go to work! If you\’re are at work do your job and make some money. You know like Janet is doing on her tour. You think her tour sucks but LA & Vegas didn\’t think so….It was sold out haters!!! I got my tickets because I know good talent when I see it and its too sad when yall hate is blocking you from seeing that too! To all you young haters get some education… Please! No wonder our country is going down the toilet I can clearly see our school systems have taught you all nothing when it comes to speaking and typing proper English! Also I see that your parents have taught you youngins nothing as well. They needed to teach yall to worry only about self and never to hate on others. I feel sorry to see so many people hating on J when she looks better then yall and you\’re momma\’s too! Try to focus on living your own life, getting education, voting, getting a job and trying to be healthy so you can grow up and look like Janet one day that\’s if yall are even lucky to make it to 40 +….. Lord help all yall haters!!!


  37. Adrian Chan

    Im a Janet Super fans from Malaysia…Hope tat Janet will held a Rock Withchu Tour in South East Asia Country…Thx u so much Darkchild…. Hope u will make Janet music to another level in future… We all fans want to see tat… I love the song u \’Luv\’ u done with Janet so so muchhhhh…..
    Great Job!!!!!!! ;p

  38. janfan

    @ sebastian her tour is doing very well, have you not seen the reviews, have you not seen the packed arenas? Millions of fans have been waiting on this. Death @ robotic moves, bitch is in her 40\\\\\\\’s and shitting on all the younger talent.

  39. Nasia

    @ Brandi So You 1 Of Them Old Hoes?? LMAO!! Young This Young That Whatever Bitch Bottom Line Is That You Where Hating On ALL Of The Ladies We mentioned & You Have The NERVE To Call Me A Hater Read What You Wrote On Post #25 THAT HATING BOO BOO! “Keyshia & ALicia AInt No Whitney” They Dont Want To Be Whitney SO WTF Are You Talking About?? Janet Is A Pop Signer Aint NO SUCH THING BITCH! Either You CAn Sing Or You CAn’t & Your Dumb Ass Said Janet Sings Better Than Rihanna?? LMAO IF You Dont Take Janet’s Plastic Tits Out Of Your Mouth Lmao You Sucking Them Nipples HArd!!! & Lmao @ You Saying “I can clearly see our school systems have taught you all nothing when it comes to speaking and typing proper english” LMAO Bitch Please You The Same 1 Using “Ya’ll” SMH

  40. Nasia

    & Bitch I DOnt Need Make-Up,plastic boobs,Surgelical Abs,& Weaves To Look Good IM A NATURAL BORN LONG LEG BEAUTY!!! You Tryna Make Your Self Seem So Educated But You Say Stuff Like “I feel sorry to see so many people hating on J when she looks better then yall and you\’re momma\’s too!” LMAO If You Were Soo “Smart” You Would KNOW That You Shouldn’t Have To Insult Some1 & Their
    family to Prove A Point DUMB ASS!!

  41. bass_man

    I don’t normally cuss, but.


    I’ve been reading this blog for over 2 years now, I’m proud to be apart of it.

    He answered and said everything that was on everyone’s mind. Great ?’s Rap-up!

    lol @ that dude that randomly popped up around 2:30 lmaolmaolmao

  42. Catie

    I\’m happy she split from IDJ, she deserves to be a part of a better record label.

  43. tyler

    Rodney, you need to produce a new janet single. every track your worked on with janet wasa amazing. jimmy jam and terry need to come back as well. it would be great if you three were her only producers on her next album.

  44. CiaraFan

    @ CARL

    ciara never in her life said she didnt want to be compared to janet. she said its an honor she just doesn’t want to be looked at as another janet. and how has ciara ever copied janet?? the only thing they really have in common is that their both black/dance/sing other than that theres not much to compare them on. there dancing styles are different and their music is way different.

  45. Musique

    It’s about effing time Janet cut IDJ loose! The label completely botched the handling and promotion of Janet’s “Discipline” album.
    “Discipline” received some of the best reviews of Janet’s recent albums, but IDJ totally KO’d the project by completely dropping the ball. But it’s not just with Janet; IDJ has been screwing up left and right: Mariah’s E=MC2 project has fallen off like a ton of bricks b/c IDJ totally stopped backing the project after the 1st single.
    IMO, Janet should just launch her own label, or if she doesn’t mind sharing a hefty chunk of profits, she could just get into an all-around deal with LiveNation. For now, ppl should just concentrate on enjoying the tour; I doubt Janet will make any huge label moves until the tour is over.

  46. Brandi202

    Nasia I didn\’t call you names expect for what you are a HATER! Since you want to go there though then fuck you bitch! I read all of about two things you said and go figure it was the negative stuff pointing toward me and again a artist you wish you could be…. plastic surgery and all BITCH! I said everything I had to say in my above post like it or hate it bitch! I have no time to argue w/ little wannabe bitches like yourself who sit by a computer wishing they had talent and having idols to look up to who lack 90% of it. If you call being under the age of 30 old then again that points out you know nothing about me and you are too ignorant for me to rant w/ on a forum where Rodney is already giving props to a true legend and that\’s Janet. Deal w/ that! You don\’t like her get the fuck off here hoe and go to little Ciara\’s, Alicia, Beyonce, and Keisha\’s sites w/ all your love and let the Janet fans be happy that she\’s selling out on her tour, finally stepping out on her own and doing something only these girls younger then her wish they could do at their age! What are you all of 14 you immature little bitch? Get off ya momma\’s tit and grow the fuck up. When you hit 21 and over and get some sense in your head that\’s probably loaded down w/ tons of weave then maybe we can talk. Yeah I said yall and you used a bunch of curse words in all your posts which looks like something a child would put out. I\’m not writing to a client I\’m writing to you a dumb little bitch who doesn\’t have a clue. So at this point I can point out your ignorance if I feel the need to do so…. The fact that you had to write down you look good just goes to show me again you ain\’t nothing but a ugly fat little bitch who hides behind her computer hating on an artist in her 40\’s that\’s been beautiful since day one. Anyway little girl I\’ve said my peace! Now argue by your damnself…….BITCH!


  47. DFox99

    I am glad that Janet left IDJ. Ever since I get Google Alerts about Janet, almost every news mentioned how unhappy Janet was. It would definatly be nice if she could work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again. I hope whatever her dreams will come true in the near future. And *ahem*..if there will be videos on DVD in the near future…please make them closed captioned or subtitles. There are many deaf people including me are a fan of Janet.

  48. PenPadAndMind

    Nasia, firstly, why did you capitalize every word in your sentence? Don’t be offended because Brandi was right about you not being educated. Any individual with a lick of sense knows not to do that. I swear, common sense is not common. Secondly, the vast majority of what is posted here has a positive nature, so why must you rock the boat and say malicious things about her? Any fool knows that Keyshia Cole and Beyonce’ have stronger voices than Janet, but none of the recording artists mentioned in this conversation are pioneers, none are trailblazers, none are groundbreaking, none are as innovative as Janet. These novices (Keyshia, Rihanna, Beyonce’, Alicia, Ciara…anyone who has come out in the last ten years) can’t compare to Janet as an all-around entertainer and would lack creativity if it weren’t for the things that she has done for entertainment. These amateurs would be null and void if there were no Janet. Are you familiar with what a league is? Hopefully you are. Those girls aren’t in the same league as Janet. Compare her to someone who is of her caliber and then we can have an accurate debate. Janet has affected generations of people. Do you know what she really has on those girls you seem to love so much? She started her career at the age of seven, at the world renowned Studio 54 with her family. She continued her career on what has to be the most popular sitcom in African-American history, “Good Times.” Do I even have to mention the fact that “Control” has been named an essential album by Ebony, Vibe, Rolling Stone and Billboard? Believe me, that’s just a succinct summary of her achievements. Further, that name calling shows that you can’t even find an educated way in which to express yourself. Look into using better ways to insult people in order to punctuate your points before you call someone a profane name in real life and get hurt.

  49. Corey

    Janet is a legend and this may be the end of her reign! People are so focused on Ciara Rihanna and Beyonce now. Ciara then came in and changed the game, she is the BEST FEMALE DANCER Of our time. Ciara and Beyonce are the Best Entertainers. Rihanna appeals to the white Audience. Janet is on of the best dancers of all time and she had the aud. and power as all three of these artists. But good things doesnt last forever and Janets Vocals hasnt improved over the 20+ yrs and in a short time Ciara\’s has upgraded and Rihanna sounds good in studio, Beyonce she was j ust forbes most powerful celebrity. Face it, Janet is becoming irrelevant to this generation not saying Janet is a BEAST and a leagend. Its that other artists have came and took her spotlight.

  50. Dilph

    Good move Janet! I look forward to you new albums! Now, concentrate on your tours and do make sure you rock Singapore, Malaysia, China or Hong Kong; which I will travel to one of this country to rock with you!

  51. Nasia

    Pen & Bloody Pad Mind Eat My Pussy Nobody asked ur Filthy Flaming Queen Ass To Get In Our Dispute (Unless You Are The Same Person) & You Dont Know Me You Fucking Fag I Capitalized Every Word In That Sentence Because It Is Explanation Their Is NO Bold Text On This So I Wrote It In Cap Locks Dumbass!!! I KNOW About All Of Janet\’s Achievements She Is A LEGEND!!! But She Is Done For! She Has Flopped Horribly In Her Last 3 CDS SOULJA BOY SOLD MORE THAN HER!!! She Is Trying To Blame The Record Label & The Promotion SHE CAN\’T SING SHE IS OLD ASS HELL & If It Weren\’t For Her Family Name & The Producers She Was ABLE To Get Because Of her Family Name JAnet Would Be A Actress OR A Nobody Becuase SHE CAN\’T SING!!!

    & Now Back To Brandi BITCH YOU WISH I HAd A Weave! I Got Hair Flowing Down My Back Lie Pocahontas GOOGLE ME BITCH!! Brandi? You Sound Like A Nappy Headed Hoe Now Go Wash You Yeast Infected Vagina You Marco Polo Crack Whore

  52. Nasia

    & There Is ONLY 1 Madonna Janet Would NEVER Be Able To Top Madonna Madonna Will ALWAYS Have Longevity

  53. y2kmalone

    Nasia it so clearly that you are a hater get a fucking life bitch JANET IS NUMBER 1 FOREVER!!!!

  54. Adrian Chan

    Im a Janet Super fans from Malaysia…Hope tat Janet will held a Rock Withchu Tour in South East Asia Country…Thx u so much Darkchild…. Hope u will make Janet music to another level in future… We all fans want to see tat… I love the song u \’Luv\’ u done with Janet so so muchhhhh…..
    Great Job!!!!!!! ;p