Korean Pop Star BoA Prepares U.S. Takeover


A couple weeks ago, Rap-Up had the pleasure of traveling to Seoul, South Korea to meet Korean pop star BoA (think Britney Spears of Asia, minus the controversy). At 21, BoA is one of the most popular artists in the Far East, selling millions of records throughout Korea and Japan, racking up numerous awards and accolades, and receiving endorsements from Nike, L’Oréal, and Samsung. Up next, BoA has her sights set on conquering the U.S. market.

BoA’s label S.M. Entertainment Group held a press conference titled “Best of Asia, Bring on America!” at the Imperial Palace Hotel in the heart of Seoul where they introduced members of the media to her U.S. team. Among them are Max Gousse, known for his A&R work with Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, and choreographer Flii Stylz, who’s worked with artists such as Chris Brown and the Black Eyed Peas. Fans waited in the lobby hoping for a peak at their idol, who had injured her arm the night before.


BoA was a trooper and still made it to the event with her arm in a cast.

The multilingual star is preparing for her U.S. launch in early 2009 with her first English-language album. Her first single, “Eat You Up,” was produced by Bloodshy & Avant (Britney Spears’ “Toxic”) and will be available on iTunes on October 14th. A remix with Flo Rida is also in the works.


L to R: Choreographer Flii Stylz, music executive Hayden Bell, S.M. founder Soo Man Lee, BoA, and Max Gousse.

BoA counts Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake among her favorite U.S. artists. “I learned a lot from his dancing,” she told Rap-Up in reference to Jackson. Her impressive moves can be seen on display in the two music videos for “Eat You Up.” One was helmed by U.S. director Diane Martel (Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera) and the other by Korean director Eun Taek Cha. Watch previews below.

“Eat You Up” (Diane Martel Edit)

“Eat You Up” (Eun Taek Cha Edit)

With her magnetic personality and energetic stage presence, the multifaceted singer hopes to join the ranks of superstars such as Janet Jackson and Beyoncé as a world-renowned entertainer. For more information on BoA, visit her on the web at www.boaamerica.com.

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  1. lyric lee


  2. V.I.P. JiGGa

    I 2nd that

  3. Dominicano


  4. lyrrrrrriccsss

    she aint good enuff to make it. she\\\’s got the looks down, but she has that accent thats noticeable of an asian. asian rappers/singers even in the US, born and raised, has a small buzz, but its a matter of acceptance in the US market. Boa or even Bi might have the $$ to back it up, but they gotta speak and sing english perfectly. besides US market is too competitive.

  5. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    Why not? We already got some rappers like my brotha Roscoe Umali,APL from Black Eyed Peas,Nicole from PCD,Cassie,Jin & so on.

  6. lyrrrrrriccsss

    All artists you\’ve just mentioned has english as their first language. I dont see international stars making it big here unless they\’ve lived in the US for at least a good number of years. like i said before. competition is too high.

  7. Moe

    lyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriccsssssss, uhmmm u got that wrong, my guy APL de Ap from black eyed peas came here in America when he was 16-17, from a poor village back in the Philippines, english was certainly wasnt his first language, and some of em came from diff countries before they got here in the US so get that str8, but ure right, competition here in america is tight and high, i just wish Boa a good luck on her venture here in the US, she’s ,making big bucks all over asia

  8. MattL


  9. Clite

    She’s the real best of Asia!!
    I hope her songs can conquer US!

  10. mr sinkula

    They aren\’t her songs, lol. No asian invasion will have respect with western producers pulling the strings. OTH, the Beatles could write there own stuff.

  11. Yann

    BoA “Bad Drive” (Live Tour Promotion Vidio.)

  12. music mogul

    well either way, with the cirumstances at hand, there\’s a big difference having an asian singer in a pop diverse group when Fergie and Will.i.am are more on the spotlight than APL or whoever that is. lol Boa is a solo singer. that\’s a HUGE difference. and even if it isn\’t their first language, their move to the US is early so they develop the US lifestyle and culture over time. it doens\’t take a money move internationally to the US to think they\’re gonna blow up. it might actually do a negative effect if they dont do well. it takes a considerable amt of time. Time that Boa isn\’t thinking about bc she\’s still young. Music artists nowadays want to be a star right away and it shouldn\’t be like that. It needs to be about development and making the right moves correctly. even if they are international.

  13. jal

    I believe that she will be the Best of America.
    You all will see.

  14. music101

    beats are catchy but the lyrics are not the best. her dancing is great but her pronunciation is very noticeable which i think they had her sing the verse all choppy. i hope she can create buzz in the US but with so much competition esp when britney\’s coming out with a new album, it\’s gonna be tough

  15. nguyensterr

    He english isn’t all that great, but then again, look at Shakira. Shakira had lots of sex appeal though I guess, but BoA’s personality is very cheery, energetic, and cute. If BoA scores some really good press and interviews, I think she can make it pretty big in America.

  16. Mo

    Don’t hate don’t hate. SHE DA BEST.

  17. Rika_Ishikawa

    shes garbage. A manufactured child prodigy from south korea who only got big in japan by her abilty to pick up the language quickly and by her looks…she wont make it in america

  18. someone

    she\’s whack..
    just wait for se7en..he\’s korean and way better than her…he set his eyes o the US market for a year and a half now…this lil girl has only been preparing this for a month roughly…she\’s gonna flop and se7en\’s gonna lead the way…you guys should google him..and go to youtube and add him on myspace…he\’s way better than that girl..

  19. Asheeka

    she doesn\’t cut it for me.
    don\’t think she\’ll make it very far in the U.S.

  20. BoA is the BEST

    to someone,
    BoA has been preparing in SECRET for about 2-3 years already, not just a month like you said. How can you said what you really dont know? and what do you really know about this lil girl anyway?

    All I know is that BoA isnt someone to be underestimated.

  21. some girl

    like BoA is the best said. She has been planning this debut for 2-3 years. Been training in her english, she actually has her teacher come with her to make her improve on her pronounciation. To see some of the more recent things shes been doing, part 1 is here:
    Part 2 is on that side to related videos. You get to see her personality (which will \’eat you up\’ all by itself lol). I say give her a chance. Shes been big in S. Korea and Japan since she was 13. She was one of the first Korean stars to convert over into Japan, shes also very hard working and likes everything to be the best the can.

  22. Stephen

    Go BoA!!!!!

  23. CARO510

    Well, If se7en has prepared for one year and a half and look at him now. Nothing! No one knows him in the U.S. I live in Orange County where there is a high population of Asians but se7en didn’t even hit it here.
    At least BoA has a specific plan. May be she won’t make it at the 1st try but who knows? I’m rooting for her.

  24. lyn

    ^^@ caro510:honey,the oc..that place is white..and asians there are twinkies..thats why they dont know who se7en is..trust me, se7en is known, not only to asians..se7en is taking his time..making the right decission..so he wont be another asian who try and failed..

    ^^@ boa is the best and some girl:if boa’s been planning this for so long now and have her english teacher w/ her then WHY DOES HER ENGLISH SUCK? obviously, if shes been planning this and practicing her english, she wouldnt sound this bad..and 2-3 yrs planning this debut and this is her song?..its crap..stop being bias and be real..this song wont make it on the radio..her looks cant compete with american female artists and her voice isnt up to par with artists here..

    as much as i want asian artists to succeed here, cause i am asian myself..she wont make..

  25. Christine

    I know the accent is a tick for some people… but clearly that did not deter Enrique Iglesias, Sean Paul, Rihanna nor Sean Kingston.

    I say there\’s a market for Boa. And the Flo Rida remix is new to me–can\’t wait to hear it!

  26. Critic

    Ok ok … Let’s just not talk about BoA. Let’s talk about the song.

    Yes … her english isn’t perfect, but hey she’s trying and from watching other vids when she’s speaking english when she was younger, she already improved ALOT! And she’s still working on it. Think Jackie Chan, his english isn’t that good either.

    And the song … ‘Eat You Up’ is a bit odd as a song, which could be good to her as it’ll stir up interest or critics dissing her (but have you noticed sometimes bad news can make the singer more noticed?!)
    And if the song is bad, I would blame it on the writers instead. THEY thought the song would make it, THEY told her to sing choppy or in other ways, and THEY wrote the lyrics. She’s just a singer that singing the song presented to her.

    Now I like BoA. She tried really hard to get into the music business in Korea AND Japan.
    Some people was criticizing her when she first debut just because she was 13 like ‘what can a 13 year old do?!’ and in Japan, people were treating her like she wouldn’t make it at first because she’s foreign. SHE DIDN’T GIVE UP!

    Whether BoA or Se7en, it doesn’t matter who. We should think of a bigger picture of supporting someone asian to make it where there was no asian. Even if they fail … if they get noticed, it may break a little part of the glass barrier of the US entertainment business.

  27. Mo

    for those of her calling garbage or that shes wack…don\’t hate just because she\’s asian…she\’s bigger and better than any one of youz.

  28. BoA is the BEST

    to lyn
    don’t you think you judge way too fast that BoA won’t make it?..

    I think all we have to do is wait and see..
    and I wouldn’t say that BoA’s song is bad, when I heard only about 1/3 of the song.. + her kick ass performance that I’m still waiting to see ;)

    like Critic said, BoA didn’t give up when face obstacles but worked hard instead (and she was only 13!). and see? Right now BoA is one of Japan’s most respected singers. BoA’s opened door for her hoobaes (juniors) and other Kor singers (like Tohoshinki, SS501, Se7en, etc..) there.

    I wouldn’t talk about look and voice here, because they aren’t the only keys to success (see Coco Lee and Tata Young)

  29. some girl

    to lyn: I have been following Se7en aswell. I love him, don\’t get me wrong but BoA\’s english and Se7en\’s english is SO similar. I listened to his full song of \’them girls\’ the other day and I can totally tell the accent. BoA\’s english doesnt suck, it has air for improvement, but when BoA debutted in Japan her Japanese wasn\’t very good with the accent either and yet, people accepted her because her voice is far better then most and pretty much one of the best in Japan. She also is a great performer. She actually has wonderful stage presents, watch her recent tour called THE FACE and you\’ll see what I mean.
    I think its time to give asians there well deserved chance. Se7en, BoA, Rain/Bi, AND even the AMAZING 16 yr old Charice. I know this song isn\’t its best, BoA really doesn\’t get much say with LSM around, but shes even admitted that she really isn\’t concerned with how far she makes it, just if she has a good time and meets amazing people. I know if this song/single doesn\’t make it, BoA will dust herself off and stand up with a smile…Something MOST singers in America wouldn\’t be able to do.

  30. peachdisco

    @ Christine: Their accents didn’t matter because they’re not considered unattractive. Most Westerners find Asian accents to be extremely unpleasant, and you have to lose it quickly to be taken seriously. In America it’s still acceptable to be openly racist towards Asians and it’s going to be hard for her (or any of the Asian artists trying to break into the market) to make it here. I think it would be much easier for an Asian-American to make it, rather than one that wasn’t raised here.

    She doesn’t understand the culture and she’s going to have a hard time. ESPECIALLY since she’s from South Korea. South Koreans are extremely nationalistic (AND xenophobic) and that wont fly in the US. Plus…they still eat dogs. I don’t find it all that revolting (not that I’d eat one…), but can you imagine what tabloids will say? They’ll call her a dog eater and make North Korea jokes and piss off all of South Korea and it’ll be five steps backwards for all the Asians trying to make it in the US music scene. I’m a fan, and I want her to do well, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  31. BoAjjang

    Well, I feel that those who only criticise when they do not know anything about BoA are just ignorant of how much BoA has achieved in the asian music industry. She debuted at the age of 13, was the first foreigner (korean) to break into the japanese market, and her fanbase is practically spread out through asia and some western countries. Of course, apart from her awesome talent at dancing and singing, it is her great personality, hardworkingness and humility that has earned her fans worldwide. If theres anything else I will add here, it is that BoA deserves support from all who are asian, and less prejudice from americans. Peace out. :)) GO BOA!!

  32. Shanda

    Who cares about what she has achieved in Asia!? I don\\\’t. From the looks of the Korean music industry, anyone can become a music star! It doesn\\\’t take singing or dancing talent or looks, as long as it\\\’s packaged right they will buy it. Look at the boy bands that are popular there, it\\\’s awful and laughable! The female singers can\\\’t sing or dance and try to mimick American artists to the very T! Yes we have some terrible pop music here in the states, but Korea\\\’s pop music is a thousand times worse than that, so why import this Boa person? I\\\’m not asian, but there are so many asian american artists here that deserve to be heard and I\\\’ll fully support them because they have the singing talent. I just wish they had the opportunity to display their true talent, unlike this manufactured crap.

  33. BoAjjang2

    I shall leave this one comment and not come back. To all the ones who quickly judged her because shes asian and has an accent, just watch and see how far she makes it. Give the girl a chance. I personally would love for her to debut here but if this is the kinda reaction shes gonna get then i\’d rather she not. No one wants to be in a place where its so racist anyway. -__-

  34. Shanda Minter

    Nobody’s judging her because she’s asian! She’s being judged on her singing, dancing, and appearance and she’s mediocre in all three. If she or her fans can’t take the heat of criticism, then she’s better off sticking with Korea or Japan! Another Korean artist, Se7en, is trying to also debut in the us and I really enjoy him! He needs a better debut song, but he has a slight chance. I’m sorry that you think it’s racism, it’s not. I know you’re a fan, but just because other people don’t share your view of Boa doesn’t make them racists and I think it’s wrong of you to do that. I don’t like Britney Spears either, am I a racist in regards to her?

  35. Ree

    I would love to see BoA have a successful debut here. there’s something about this girl that is completely and overwhelmingly awesome: and i’m not saying that because i’m a fan, because i’m not the hugest fan of hers.

    The way the music industry works in asia is vastly different from how it works here, and that’s something that’s got to be taken into consideration. Yes, she started young, but the fact that she’s persevered and conquered for the last 11 years and has risen to the level that she’s at means that she isn’t just some random wanna-be singer. she has got talent, and that isn’t something that we tend to see a lot in new artists these days.

    In regards to the accent thing that’s been brought up time and time again in the comments: yes, it’s true. she has an accent. who doesn’t, really? anybody who visits another country is seen to have a foreign accent at one point or another. BoA’s been working on her english for almost 3 years now, and her english comprehension is definitely at a higher level than most of you here seem to realize.

    it will be unfortunate if her debut goes badly, because that will just mean that the western audience isn’t ready to open themselves up to other kinds of music that aren’t like the cookie-cutter material of the artists these days. i may not like every single one of her songs, but i’m proud to be asian, and any step in the direction of putting us into mainstream and in a more respectable light in the entertainment industry is something that i can get behind.

    As for Se7en… uh, his english isn’t so shiny and pretty either, so i’m not sure why some of you are hating on BoA and are pro-Se7en. But in regards to either of them, and if the comments here are believed to be representative of the western population, it seems that north-america as a whole isn’t ready to accept asian artists (or even asian-american) into mainstream, which worries me more than on an entertainment level.

    nb: in regards to that dog meat comment??? Korea isn’t the only country that does it. Actually, China is more “famous” for it, and of course, it happens in other countries like Taiwan, The Philippines, Mexico and Switzerland, among others. In any case, the selling and distribution of dog meat has been illegal in south korea since 1984, and in recent years, there has been a huge spike in animal protection and anti-animal cruelty, so you can imagine their stance on the consumption of dog meat.

  36. Simma

    I don’t understand all the talk of racism regarding the acceptance of asian artists. If they’re great singers, dancers, etc, people are gonna respect that. I’d like to mention an awesome asian-american rapper Skim, who’s an amazing female rapper on the west coast. I bought her album on iTunes and of course there’s Jin, plus numerous asian-american artists out there that I can easily get behind! I also enjoy Korean acts like Big Mama and Epik High and no, I’m not asian, just someone who enjoys good music coming from talented people. We don’t need anymore manufactured stuff that’s already saturating the pop scene. What are her fans gonna say when/if bad reviews are written in magazines, on websites…that it’s just American racism?

  37. lol

    I bet you only the people commenting here are Kpop fans. In other words, Americans who don\’t listen to Asian music don\’t care for your rehashed Kpop acts.

    @Ree: Visit forums.boajjang.com and lots of people put down Se7en there.

    So don\’t see it all as one side, if anything A LOT of people are against ALL Korean pop stars coming here.

  38. mr sinkula

    ree says:
    “it will be unfortunate if her debut goes badly, because that will just mean that the western audience isn’t ready to open themselves up to other kinds of music that aren’t like the cookie-cutter material of the artists these days. i may not like every single one of her songs, but i’m proud to be asian,”

    Oh right, and the writers and producers of her American debut are all the same westerners who write for Britney et al! Brilliant argument there Ree, dumbass asian.36

  39. Allison

    I’m anxious for the FloRida remix!! :D good luck BoA*

  40. qwerty

    mr sinkula Says:
    “Oh right, and the writers and producers of her American debut are all the same westerners who write for Britney et al! Brilliant argument there Ree, dumbass asian.36″

    HEY! If you say ‘dumbass’ … then fine say dumbass! but no need to add the ‘asian’ part in it!

  41. Chris

    OMFG!!!! yay…. finally a korean/ japanese artist…..i heart boA. and if you have something bad to say about her, you are obviously white and dont understand.

  42. Shan

    ^ Most people understand horrid music, which Boa is! Her release has been delayed, so the feedback was terrible and suggests she should stay in Korea, where they love that bad pop crap.

  43. CARO510

    she is awesome, love her

  44. Ardan

    so thanks for rap-up
    for writing an article about BoA~!!

    to someone

    someone mentioned about her pronunciation, I remeber.

    But it\’s way better than not speaking English.

    If u guys come into Asia and say BoA is garbage or anything about BoA that isn\’t praises u guys will just … kicked by fans.

    She is a huge star in Asia and will be in U.S, too.

    and u guys her album she didn\’t make it herself

    American Music Team made it so it\’s not her fault.

    Don\’t say she is Asian sth. I don\’t care if u become antiBoA or whatever

  45. Discover Music

    I’ll admit that I was a BoA fan when she first started. But for the past couple of years, I have strayed away from Kpop/Jpop music. I am surprised and quite excited that she has released her US single.

    There are simply no asian artists in the US music industry (well not “none”, but hardly any).

    It’ll be nice to see some more asian faces in Hollywood and break the misconceptions people have about Asians. But obviously and like people have said, people are not as accepting of the asian accent as they are of other accents, although her accent doesn’t sound that bad in the song, or perhaps I am just used to it.

    The song is okay the first time around but has really grown on me.

    But I noticed people have been incredibly harsh in their critique of this single. And I KNOW that there are other factors driving these critiques that don’t even have anything to do with the song… (ahem, I just happen to notice that there are asians out there who criticize their own race more than they would other races).

    And then there are the fans who are so full of Asian pride that their remarks can offend Americans, which is a turn off. I’ve seen so many fans make remarks of BoA as if she is the god of the universe and will take down America.

    Anyhow, I think I’ve said enough, let’s keep it strictly music.

  46. Shana

    Arden, Boa is garbage whether her music is produced by an american team or korean. Let\’s face it, any good american producer is going to give their choice songs to an american/british/canadian artist, not some unknown mediocre asian one. Boa is basically doing scrap songs that the american production team threw her way for some money.

  47. Dylan

    Yo Shana, the reason why u can\’t see things from our perspective is cuz u got your head up your a$$. U wouldnt notice talent if it hit you, so shut up, u stupid racist b!tch.

  48. Tee

    ^ That’s Boa fans for you. Anytime they come across people who don’t like her and her brand of generic kpop, out come the accusations of racism. They don’t actually take into account that a lot of people are not gonna like her or her music and so they comfort themselves by labeling people jealous or simply racists. Unbelievable!

  49. Hope

    Wow, okay, i am a huge BoA fan but i know good music, and ill admit this song isnt her best, but every artist has good and bad songs, its just a matter of opinion. i mean we cant all sit here and say every britney song was amazing, same goes for boa. now for all u haters (many who have come back here to hate on her in mutiple posts) if u dont like her, dont listen to her, y provoke her fans? in my opinion its just pointless, BoA fans will always stand up for her, myself included, so y cause trouble?

  50. someDAY

    Wow, I was really exctied when I heard that she was working her way up to the American Market, but it seems like there\’s a lot of different strong opinions.

    I personally did not like her song the first time I heard it, but it\’s grown on me. She\’ll definetely going to have to work hard, whether she succeeds or not, I will still respect her. I don\’t see why some people have to say such negative comments. At least she\’s trying to make it here. I\’ll support her with whatever happens, and the whole thing about American\’s being openly racists towards Asians, it\’s the same twoards all races. It just depends, there are just some people who aren\’t discrimnatory. And those who have a problem, has some insecurities they need to rethink of.

  51. Denise

    For all the people that are commenting bad stuff about BoA you shouldn\’t.You guys are just causing trouble with her fans which is so stupid.Yes she has an accent but what does that have to do with anything?All she\’s trying to do is live her dream of coming to the US and trying to making it.That\’s nothing bad.If you had talent in singing or dancing and tried to make it, would you want people talking crap about you?I don\’t think so.So stop with the negative comments.If you don\’t like then don\’t listen.Good luck to BoA.Keep supporting!!!

  52. Aussie fan!

    Eh ppl! BOA is the best in Asia!! and im sure that she’ll do her best in USA market, no matter how big the compeition is! Full on supporting her here, coz if shes famous in US, then her CDs might be releasing in Australia as well! Cant wait!! and really, you can even hear the accent when shes singing anyway~ give her a chance USA!!

  53. Rick

    I think you guys should give her a chance!
    She can do it. just wait and see.

  54. aki

    as for the bad comments…i think she brought it on herself by presumptuously proclaiming herself the Best of Asia and her debut Bring on America!!!!
    in my eyes she is nothing but a mediocre pop-tart with average skills and looks who can do nothing if it’s not prepackaged, pre-choreograped and so on. spontaneity and charisma totally lacking.
    her delusional fans think she will make it or that if failure happens it’s the fault of the American market not being ready.
    look at M.I.A., she made it.
    it”s about having originality and talent, something that stands out
    and if she has been preparing for 3 years then her English is real bad.
    reality is that she is on position 1034 on Amazon’s download chart and still plummeting by the second. And she IS a Britney clone..look at her copying Britney’s show, dancing against herself on a screen
    i think it would be cool to have an Asian singer make it in the US but not with this crap. being great in Asia doesn’t mean you’re going to make it in the US.

  55. azn

    i agree with hope, someDAY, Denise, and Aussie fan! on most of their comments. If you\’re a fan, great, and if you\’re not a fan then, you don\’t have to be. I have to admit that there are a lot of Japanese and Korean pop songs that I like.. some of which are like \

  56. azn

    i agree with hope, someDAY, Denise, and Aussie fan! on most of their comments. If you’re a fan, great, and if you’re not a fan then, you don’t have to be. I have to admit that there are a lot of Japanese and Korean pop songs that I like.. some of which are like “broken english” that I’d take those over regular english songs any day. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have favorite American pop songs that I like more than Japanese and Korean songs. It just depends on you and what you like. I really would like to see how her debut turns out…good or bad.

  57. Denise

    Ok i know there are a lot of opinions but damn.She is sooo not copying Britney or a clone.Stop comparing her to Britney because she is nothing like her.At least she’s trying to make it.what’s wrong with that?Nothing.Stop calling her this stuff when you don’t even know her.Spontaneity and charisma lacking?That is not true.Like i said if you don’t like don’t listen.

  58. oceansky09

    i’m from singapore and i’m damn proud to say that i’m a fan of BoA. she’s great.. she has never stepped a foot into singapore except for once when she came for an award. but i got to noe about her and she’s the greatest artiste i have ever known. i do not understand korean nor japanese at all but i will cry and feel touched over some of her performances. she’s a strong singer is expressing her emotions and not much american singers can do that. i agree that there are american singers who are reali great too. i admire them too but the problem is.. Music is a universal language. Why do some of the amercians want to destroy this beautiful language? we’re jus trying communicate with all of u through music. the ultimate thing is that whether the effort and music of the singer can touch u americans or not. give asians a chance. we asian accepted american music as it is and we give the support as we give to our own singers..so why cant all of u do the same? BoA’s the best is Asia..that makes her good ennough to go to america. She’s ald the best in the biggest continent in the whole world and she’s going to make it..not to put down other american singers like beyonce or britney but to stand on the same line as them and make good music.I’m sure americans and asians music when being put tog..will create an amazing effect. both are strong in their own points if u’re not biased..and u will have to admit that. support BoA and give her a chance.

  59. killbethy

    The fact of the matter is, whatever anyone says on here (good or bad) doesn\’t matter. BoA will either succeed in the US or she won\’t… only time will tell. People should just give up the fighting and wait and see. Start judging if you think she will be a success or not after you see her first album sales… then people will actually have an actual valid argument to go by and not just gut feelings or bias.

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    Rap-Up.com || Korean Pop Star BoA Prepares U.S. Takeover