Album Cover: Ludacris – ‘Theater of the Mind’


Check out the official album cover for Ludacris’ sixth LP Theater of the Mind, now dropping just in time for Thanksgiving on November 25th. was at the album screening in New York last week. Read all about it here.

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  1. yeahyeah

    looks horrible, but it does make sense with the title of the album…..still could have been better though…

  2. david

    wow here comes the best album of the year, i diying to hear it, dont judge the book by his cover, ludacris kind of relaxing with all the freaky style he had on word of mouf and chicken n beer and you can see it by listening to “Release Therapy”‘, welll Go Ludaaa!!!

  3. yeahyeah

    never said i wasn’t going to get his album(he’s one of the best out there), but just stating the album’s cover could have been better. cant wait to hear his album though. ps. paper trail tomorrow.

  4. yuist

    Good conceptual cover. This is gonna be the album of the year. Just by looking at some of the guests he got like Criss Angel? makes this album interesting.

  5. topps66

    This should be the album of the year in Hip Hop. Luda is real hungry rite now and is upset he\’s being left behind to those few overrated rappers.

  6. BP86

    while i like ludacris, the cover looks super cheap.

  7. Giselle

    It looks cheap, and i’m a Luda fan. . he needs to rethink this album cover.

  8. dude0000

    trust me, tha cover WILL change by tha time it drops