Video: Alicia Keys & Jack White – ‘Another Way to Die’ (Bond Theme)

Alicia Keys and The White Stripes’ Jack White duet on “Another Way to Die,” the theme song for the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace. The soundtrack to the latest 007 flick arrives on October 28th, while the movie hits theaters November 14th.

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  1. DrPostALot


  2. KIKI

    I like the song and the video is okay. I don’t know why most people have a problem with the song. It sounds like James Bond to me.

    Alicia looked great too..

  3. Mark

    the worst bond song EVER!!

  4. joey

    this song is not good i wanted amy 2 do it but alicia’s great 2. its just the way alicia did it should have been slow loud voice wit the horns and drums not that crapy mid-tempo, rockish stuff wit jack white!

  5. Dubb

    Good lord this song is bad!!!!! Totally NOT Bond-lish at all.