New Music: Beyoncé – ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘If I Were a Boy’


Beyoncé’s two new singles finally premiered on the radio this morning. The first of the two is a club banger called “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (think “Get Me Bodied”) co-produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

While “Single Ladies” will get you on the dancefloor, “If I Were a Boy” will slow things down. The simple and understated pop record was produced by Toby Gad (Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”).

Beyoncé’s third album drops November 18th. Listen below.

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  1. j3nn3h

    dont like either loool (not tryna hate just beinq honest)
    Bee needs to come harder then this tooo much compeition out there

  2. Dominicano


  3. yb

    wwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwww the songs are both great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Beyonce

  4. Kilyan

    Were they seriouS wen SonY said that that was going to be teh HUGGEST single & music of her career.???????
    ThereS nothinG extraodrinary on it…If I were a boY iS just a regular album songS..a COPYCAT song from NeYo\’s prod…Singlelaides is a DEJA VU of what she done b4…
    I gueSsSs as B\’Day..She will come with stronG video\’S..whiCh will give her some creditS..Im disapponited…

  5. Lebo (CaribbeanBoi)

    Seriously i aint tryna hate but i aint feeling none … Wow

    Is this her best ? I guess its time for her to stay home and be a wifey

  6. F00L

    I d0n\\\’T 2 mUCH liK3 3iTh3r 1 0f th3 s0Ngs tH3r3 juST 0kAy n0Thin gr3aT h3r3 SiNgL3 LaDi3s iT s0UnDs lik3 g3t m3 b0died and If I Were A Boy n0w wh3r3 haV3 i h3aRd thAt scenario b3f0r3(Ciara – LiK3 A B0y)

  7. Bella

    i like single ladies, her voice is in great shape. but i was hoping for a bigger variety of her use of voice… didn\\\\\\\’t listen to if i were a boy properly yet… seemed cheesy though.

  8. Bella

    i take my words back about if i were a boy. i love it. great use of voice again! wow. she’s bringing it.

  9. Missy


  10. Ms.G-Tella

    Hmmmmmmm there is alot of female singers out now and bey is gonna have to come harder. i think she is use 2 coming out when females singers are gone but now you have Jazzmine sullivan, Rihanna, Keri Hilson,Alicia Keys, Ciara, J-Hud, Ms.Cole coming back…….im a little disapointed and why is she stealing ideas from ciara (like a boy-If I were a boy) and Alicia Keys (As I am- I am)?…..hmmmmmmm I think she a copycat 4 reel look it up on youtube!!!

  11. yung miami

    Man i dnt knw what these people is talking about. B\’s voice is way stronger than b4 and she aint tryna copy nobody. for anything these females jockin her. That\’s y she the highest paid female artist this past year.

  12. jemaine

    Real talk im a big fan of B music but right now real talk. in R&B music everyone been havin huge hits like Ashanti her shit was big u know Beyonce i think she have to step it up she to BIG in the music world is the singles aight. maybe with some videos. not only ashanti makin noise u know Jazzmine sullivan Alicia Keys name of few jennifer hudson and i listen to her cd her cd gonna be big B will have a battle with this one a lot of female singers doin it big right now. and thats a good thing she been on top for a long time 1# all the time. this time around maybe a few noise jhud on her game and Ashanti about release anthor single struggle and that shit gonna be big the lyrics she kill it with the pin Beyonce and Ashanti is cool they write there on shit. but ashanti kill it with the lyrics the declaration prove it. i wish B LUCK !!!!!!!!!! doo

  13. Lisa

    Don’t like neither singles. She’s not bringing anything different to the table. But of course, it’ll sell through the roof.

  14. ashlee

    wow these r whack single ladies is annoying sounds like that one track pat your weave ladies pat pat forgot the name but yall know what im talking about and if i were a boy is too slow and whack not beyonce like at all this is disappointing

  15. Sexcess1

    Pure Genius!!!! Loves you bey!!!

    Your cousin\’s cousin

  16. DOMINO D

    crappy- both. Mad funny!!! Im tired of all tha destinys children singing about “ladies this and ladies that……. EVERYTIME

  17. Chayla

    I\’m not impressed at all, I was hopefully going to buy B\’s album this quarter but she hasnt brung the heat that was hyped around it, she gotta come harder because there are alot of ladies out there doing it REAL BIG..and I\’m anxiously waiting for Shanti to drop \

  18. King Ron

    These song aint all that..I agree with #12 she has to come harder…Ashanti is the best singer out…as she always was…..Ashanti song is hot and are hits…I don\’t think beyonce can achieve that level at this point in the music industry…..Sorry Bey…guess its time to make babies!…u aint shyt no more..u can\’t leave for 3 years and come back…Only ashanti can do that…cuz she came back after 4 years and shut the music industry down…no 1 can do it like Ashanti…and last I remember Bee u aint the Princess of Hip hop & R&B….

  19. Raven

    i fukkin love both songs its just like beyonce’s style.. she switched it up but still kept it to her sound.. all you HATIN ASS BITCHES need to hop off n SUCK A DICK!! =]

  20. Tha King

    #19 stfu…u the one thats been hating on ASHANTI allll the time….see how it feels u dumb ass #$^%^… time u dont no 1 hating on bee…dont hate on others …..

  21. Catie

    Wow, what to say.

    “Single Ladies” was beyond disappointing for me, what is this? It sounds almost exactly like “Get Me Bodied” and that song was terrible.

    However, i absolutely LOVED “If I Were A Boy”, it doesn’t even sound like a song that Beyonce would sing. I would also like to add that she has really improved her voice and it shows in this song. I can see this one being the more successful single.

  22. Carlos

    I don\’t like Single Ladies at all.

    It sounds just like Get me Bodied which I don\’t like.

    She shouldn\’t do something over again.

    I looove If I were a boy!

    I think its a great song that a lot of people can relate to.

    We\’ll see how the album turns out.

  23. JAmes

    She has been working on the album for ovr a yr n made 70 songs and cut it down to 10

    so lol u noe atleast the songs are gonna be good!

    Lol n i think its smart to release two at once, with different styles, coz ive already seen ppl saying they like \’single ladies\’ coz its uptempo and dont like \’if i wre a boy\’ coz its too slow for them

    or othrs saying they like \’if i were a boy\’ coz of the meaning etc
    and don\’t like \’single ladies\’ coz its crappy or w/e :L

    lol so shes appealing to two different markets, wich results in more ppl like her music…higher album sales, more money lol!

    i personally love both songs! >.

  24. maurice

    wow, like a boy nearly bring tear to my eyes,dammmmmmmmmm,this song is so powerful,the best song beyonce ever did,single ladies is smoking hot

  25. maurice


  26. 242 A KEYS

    Its alrigt nothin to freak over. STEP UP YOUR GAME OR ALICIA JASMINE KEYSHIA gonna take over XOXO SORRY Jo-JO but bee looks like she needs to GO GO! LOL 242

  27. Musico

    The songs are both fantastic. If I were a boy is deep and real, and single ladies keeps your spirits up. But each song has a message; they both are gonna be hits. People are just hating because artists like Rihanna have lack-luster songs out about nonsense with no meaning to them. Beyonce has succeeded where the others have failed.
    Take a bow, Rihanna; Queen B is here.

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    It’s not unheard of, lesbians dating worldwide have discovered real love by simply by using a lesbian relationships day site. Lesbos Dating is rather easy to use, free of charge sign up as well as absolutely no fiscal commitment within you is requir… || New Music: Beyoncé – ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘If I Were a Boy’…