New Music: John Legend f/ Brandy – ‘Quickly’


Two of R&B’s finest, John Legend and Brandy, collaborate on a new song off Legend’s third album Evolver (Oct. 28). The mid-tempo track features the pair dueting over a Midi Mafia-produced beat…and boy is it sweet. This has single written all over it.

John Legend f/ Brandy – “Quickly”

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  1. Destined


  2. Giselle


  3. branfan07

    They sound good together, and brandy is going hard vocally on this one, HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. StayAfro

    Brandy is amazing.. this has to a single.. cant wait for her album

  5. Joshua L

    This is AMAZING!!!!! I love every bit of it… Brandy is doing her thing too…

  6. Benaiah

    This is the best duet I have heard in my life! I love it. Brandy and John Legend are two of inspirations, and I have been saying for years that I wished the two would collaborate…and no one really agreed with me. But THIS is proof that they work well together…and I agree with Joshua L…Brandy (who is always amazing) really went in hard vocally on this song. Absolutely wonderful.

  7. SpoiledRotten

    Midi Mafia and Dapomiro Producers produced this track and there are like 5 writers on it to. (john is one of them)

  8. SpoiledRotten

    oops, I meant to say ‘Dapomiro Productions’ (not ‘producers’) also produced this track