On Set of Mariah Carey’s ‘I Stay in Love’ Video


As we reported earlier in the week, Mariah Carey shot the video for her fourth single “I Stay in Love” in Las Vegas recently. Nick Cannon directed the clip. Check out a couple photos below.

MC is asking fans to design her next ensemble to accompany her new fragrance Luscious Pink. The winner will see their creation worn by the diva at a red carpet event.


Spotted at Faded Youth Blog

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  1. M*

    COOL car!

  2. Giselle

    Hopefully the video comes out nice…

  3. Mark

    Sorry, this will flop ALSO!!
    Go and work on a new album.

  4. Catie

    I just don’t understand why they haven’t released “Migrate” with T-Pain yet, the song is a guaranteed #1 hit.

  5. bass man

    Gawd, this is going to flop.