Video: Britney Spears – ‘Womanizer’


Britney Spears premiered her music video for “Womanizer” Friday night on ABC’s “20/20.” The pop star plays a waitress and secretary in the clip directed by Joseph Kahn (Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson). Watch the uncensored video below, which features a little more nudity than the “20/20″ version.

Britney’s sixth album Circus includes production from Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Danja, and Bloodshy & Avant, among others.

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  1. BrandonCarter


  2. MOV

    Much better than her previous crappy videos from her last album! Now this I could see her winning a VMA for!

  3. mimi

    loves it

  4. Catie

    She looks incredible in this video! The song is already huge and this video will only make it bigger.

  5. Tom

    Holy sh*t, look at her in the sauna, she looks better than ever. Girl is looking goood.

  6. womanizaah

    10/10 points

    Its such a good, clever and Britneyish Video,
    Love the NUDE scene!

    If this Video doesnt get a VMA 2009 MTV cant be taken serious anymore!

  7. brm


  8. DOC

    Britney straight killed it in this video! She’s lookin’ mad good and the direction was hot!

  9. oliver luke


  10. Ray

    By far, the best looking chick in the pop game. Wow.

  11. BP86

    DAYUM. she\’s ridiculously amazing. KILLED it in this video. it makes me like the song even more, actually. a video can make or break a song, and this one made the song for me. go \’head Britney.:)

  12. Lovinit

    She looks so so hot in this video. I love Britney, she’s killing it.

  13. Citiiboiii

    I love how Beyonce’s camp went and released her video a day after Britney. Whether they like it or not, Britney’s video is gonna get more attention. She looks incredible by the way, love the song.

  14. J2833

    I\’m beyond impressed, this time last year she released a video of her dancing in a dark stipclub and a year later, she looks better than ever and on top of her game.

  15. BSFAN

    The song is so catchy, Britney always brings it. She looks SMOKIN in this video.

  16. oh yes

    booooooooooooring silly song, bitchy video.
    resignated fans.
    britney is so lucky…..

  17. oh no

    Love the song + video, she’s backk

  18. D

    Wow ya r givin dis song n video way 2much hype..its ok but her career dnt need an ok it needs a fuckin excellent..her body looks good n evrything but dats it..I mean she was barely dancin..da camera was movin around so much cus it knew dat her dancin aint up 2par..she needs 2 go back in da dance studio n learn sum new moves

  19. joey

    ^HATER!!!!!!! great video now the only crack head lef that needs 2 get her shit 2geter is amy! COME BACK AMY, BRT COULD DO IT

  20. LatoyaJ

    I was speechless when i saw that first scene with her in the sauna, wow. She looks great and this song is my jam!!!

  21. bass man