Video: The Pussycat Dolls – ‘I Hate This Part’

A couple weeks ago, the Pussycat Dolls shot a video for their second international single / third U.S. single, “I Hate This Part,” in Los Angeles as first reported by Melody Thornton on Rap-Up TV. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also did PCD’s “When I Grow Up.”

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  1. Giselle


  2. Ray

    Let’s be honest, their album FLOPPED and this single ain’t going to help.

    DK sold over 200,000 units in their first week, PCD couldn’t even sell 100.

  3. BP86

    i wonder if any of the other dolls will get more than a second\’s screen time in the next video…. let\’s hope so. elevator needs to be the next single.

  4. BrownSugga

    im still tryna figure out tha purpose of the other gurls…..its obvious its all about nicole….they need to realize that

  5. graicen

    halo should b a single. y does everything have to b nicole. its like its her vid. come on. they need to give d other girls sum shine. its ridiculous now

  6. Kevin

    They might as well call this I Hate This Part by Nicole Scherzinger not one other girl had any part in this at ALL! I bet it was a leftover from her name is whatshername or something, though it is a great song they probably felt bad putting any other girl on the song if it was meant for Nicole’s highly succesful solo career :S Lol Seriously they need to let someone else sing in a single! Even in their second US single when Melody sang they gave her little or no time on screen!

  7. Nate

    I lovee this song
    but really none of the other dolls even get to breathe on this song
    atleast on when i grow up they got to sing, ha ha haha and la la lala =/

    They have other songs wer other dolls sing
    they need to releasee elevator
    there best song on the album

  8. Joshuaa

    Does Anyone Actually Care About Danity Kane, They Might Do Well In The US But How Well Do They Do World Wide Compared To The Pussycat Dolls? They Do Crap World Wide Where As The Pussycat Dolls Do Well In Most Countries Around The World!

  9. bass man

    I like the song and the video. Why is Nicole all up in the camera. If it’s going to be a group, let it be a group.