‘MTB4′ Shocker: Danity Kane Over?!

Is Danity Kane permanently damaged? On the season finale of “Making the Band 4″ on Tuesday, Diddy shocked viewers by firing Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods from the group. Damn! We’ll admit we didn’t believe it would happen. The remaining members, Aundrea, Dawn, and Shannon were left standing. Dawn is rumored to be pursuing a solo career on Bad Boy. All the members appeared on the live finale except for D. Woods, who was conspicuously absent.

“I would rather be hated every damn day of my life for being real than loved for being something I’m not,” Aubrey told MTV VJ Sway.

Diddy shot back at Aubrey via satellite from Miami. “Check this out baby girl, see your attitude is gon’ have you in a dark and lonely place.” Ouch!

You can’t have Danity Kane without Aubrey and D. Woods. At the end of the show, Sway announced that there will be another season of “Making the Band,” so this could be one big publicity stunt. After all, who else on Bad Boy is going platinum these days?

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  1. kay

    Why did he kick out D. Woods ? she was so good ! Aubrey I don\’t care \’cause she\’s the black sheep, she has changed so much, she turned into that tranny porn looking bitch who is trying to speak proudly so d\’ont care \’bout her, but I love DKane so much and I hope DWoods will be back soon, and I\’m waiting 4 the third album

  2. Kat

    he asked dwoods to leave if she has a problem with the situation and she left. Aubrey did no wrong. She is a human being and should be able to grow up. she is not that 19 year old college student anymore. You cant expect someone to stay the same forever.. (britney spears) It\\\’s life. Aubrey has always been a great speaker and its sad she always has to prove herself. If you knew anything about her shes actually a great person, she was on her way to law school before this band.. her familys full of lawyers. she has two charites shes started before she even made the band or started the career. People just like to suck in the bad stuff.

  3. BayChick

    yes final my 3 favorites remain in the group. HAHA D HOODS & SLOB ON THE KNOBREY.

  4. BayChick

    *edits* yes finally

  5. Chayla

    This was a publicity STUNT….IDK..what anybody say because if the group split why would there be another season cmon…remember when the first making the band split…did they make another band no so I smell publicty stunt..he better bring D.Woods back!!!

  6. queenp

    diddy is the definition of bitchassness i could understand him kicking aubrey out of the group( her and dawn are my favs)because he didn\’t like that she stode up for her self and spoke her mind he is not use to a woman tell him the real aubrey has always defended the group and he always would tear her down but to kick out d. woods was rediculous she did nothing wrong although i cant see dk with her and the rest of the girls( dawn,andrea and shanon whould fit better as a group cause d .woods has a different body type and style although i liked her in the five member group not in a 4 member group plus she has the girls club maybe they will become a group) she did nothing wrong but b friends with the girls i remeber in a early epsoside (i can\’t spell right now i\’m pissed)diddy told aubery that he wasn\’t going to let her mess up his money he just did it himself by kicking aubrey out the group he has lost a lot of his fans and he has a cd coming out soon he fucked up now he is going to expoled the girls by making them do another season what are they going to do this new season relearn all of the aubrey and d. woods vocals to every song they sang. day26 better watch out it\’s bad enough that he has publicly called some of them bitches hences the no bitchassness t shirts diddy is a bitch and i will no longer support him


    On the finale show didnt u hear Diddy say that the fate of the group doesnt lie in his hands its the group decision so if they want they can get back together and work things out. There the most succesful group/artists on Bad Boy right now so why the fuck would Diddy wanna do that? Diddy is cheap giving them only 2 videos to each album and there first album went platinum so they should have had atleast 3 videos. Bad Boy is not the place for them worst label Diddy has a lot of bitchassness real fuckin talk.


    Another thing Diddy Fucked up the relationship the group had because of things being said about Dawns solo career and recording demos for his next solo project. You have to comunnicate that to the whole group things need to be communicated from the label to the group just like Aubrey said otherwise theres no trust. Aubrey made the best point. Diddy was just mad cause she was right. He wants to be the bigger man and thinks hes always right when indeed hes wrong. Saying Aubrey isnt the same well she seems real to me. speaking your mind is real right. If there was communication from Label to whole group there wouldnt be a problem point blank period

  9. bass_man

    Diddy has lost his mind.

    They fought HARD to be in the group and they’re ending it like that? Are you serious?

    I feel gooped. Because I devoted like a cumulative of like 40 hours of my life lol rooting for them.

  10. KWalls

    I f*ckin hate Diddy
    He was too involved with the group
    So he ruined a potential start group
    but good luck to Aubrey and D.Woods
    They didnt deserve anything he did or said
    He just a rude self centered b*tch!
    I cant believe this has happened
    Im throwing away all my Danity Kane albums
    It was a f*cking waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and he’s a fucking liar saying
    the group lies in their hands
    He needs to make up his mind
    He just said He didnt want them in the group
    Mannnnnn this sh*t is fake!!!!!!!!!


    lmao @ bass_man, 40hours.. lol..

    MTB4 Season what 4 or 5.. lol.. will be the reunion of DK, bring back D.Woods, and throwing in a new trick.. Its gonna be intense.. they gonna hate that new trick..

  12. barry

    What happened was simple, Dawn wanted the competition out, so she and Diddy helped kick out Aubry and D woods. Diddy basically called the both of them tramps and because he has information from Dawn, he uses it to destroy the chances for both girls to have careers outside the group. The problem with Diddy is, he knows how to start generating money but he doesn’t know how to maintain it. Dawn’s album would flop, along with Puff’s because they have generated some angry fans. Danity Kane’s album would flop without both girls, who were the two who generated publicity. Everyone, can you spell FLOP

  13. karen

    Odd thing, I though the owners of record labels treated their artist\’s like angels, and not the CEO playing God with the artists. And did you guys notice the stupid Que from day 26 bitching for Dawn. The stupid kid forgot to mention that it was Dawn who brought up hairspray first. The group is Dad and make no mistake, presently, Bad boy has no group worth talking about, thats why they destroyed the careers of all the groups they brought up

  14. nikki

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  15. frank david

    I hate Diddy he worse then a GIRL full of drama breaking up my favorite felmale group DK.
    GROW UP!!

  16. Bk Ladi ...

    omg i ove dk its sad to see this happinin to them ….they all bring there own thing to the group and everyone knows aubrey was/is the problem child ..what family dosnt have a problem child…..i love dawn but she need not go solo the girl need to sit have a tlk and work it out…DNT LET ME DWN GIRLS

  17. Fresh Prince22

    Diddy is a tyrant…in my opinion, he get too involved with the group. Yes, i do believe that Aubrey is outspoken, but she is real. Kicking out both them girls gives Danity Kane a more “CLEAN” image…somethin that he wants…Plus i think that D.Woods was starting that girls club…thing.. and Aubrey was in that hair spray….DIDDY IS TRYIN TO MAKE THEM LIKE DESTINY CHILD…not gonna happen. Real Talk, diddy really treats Aubrey like s%#t. If Dawn does come out with a solo cd it wouldn’t sell because he gives each of his artist on bad boy a 2 single rule after that ur dropped…(not cassie th….that because he’s screwing her–im not mad at him tho lol ) i don’t blame D.woods for not showing up…i bet they do add on another member of DK…someone who has power vocals…and shy (to keep that good girl image)

  18. Lebo (CaribbeanBoi)

    I love D. Woods and i thi nk she has great things coming for her, i was neva a big fan of the group anyway .. D. Woods !!!!

  19. Catie

    I don’t believe it nor i do i want to. They are by far, the best female group in YEARS. There also the only credible girl group out right now. I’ve become such a huge fan within the last year, i even bought their latest album the day it came out which is rare for me. I really, really hope that they work everything out.

  20. London Ladeeluc

    Diddy did what he had to do for the benefit of the group. Aubry was too controlling and lacked class. She tried to tell her boss what he could and could not do with his label. Aubry felt Diddy had to answer to her and quite frankly she was mis-informed. She works for Diddy, he does not work for her.

    If Aubry treated Diddy like that, and he was her boss, I can only imagine how she treated other members of the group, who she may have felt was her equal or beneath her, behind closed doors.

    Even at the hotel, what she did to the staff was inappropriate. She made the guy give her a lap dance. It is one thing to have fun but other to be totally vulgur.

    Diddy stated what he felt perfectly. He did not like her energy and the way she was conducting herself and how she wanted him to explain every step he was making with Dawn or whomever. Well I guess Aubry was in for a rule awakening. It is not productive, not to get along with the boss.

    Aubry needs a bit of humility, respect and self control.

    SOOO…Stop hating Diddy. Open your minds up and see the true picture.:)

  21. Mimi

    I think that Diddy is nuts and I love abury and D. Woods I guess Diddy couldn\’t handle someone with their own mind and had to put an end to it. He said that they were making him look like the bad guy well he is the \