New Music: Brandy – ‘Long Distance’


Brandy deals with the hardship of a long distance relationship on her second single, “Long Distance.” The midtempo ballad was produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Brandy’s fifth album Human is scheduled for a December 9th release. Listen to what Darkchild calls a Grammy contender below.

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    This song is definately gonna be something big very very good. 5*

  2. anonymous

    In October 2008, Williams\’ third album entered the billboard chart at # 37, with sales of just 15,000.
    tha sux :(

  3. jj3308

    i like it…its a nice ballad

  4. Destined

    This is a winner for sure! Loves it Brandy!

  5. Giselle

    This song reminds me of a Coldplay song for some reason. .nice track!

  6. lovemya

    This song suxs OMG this better not be a release.. Bad thing I am a Brandy fan too… And u all didnt like Beyonce’s If I were a boy but u like this.. get real

  7. afrodisiac000

    you’re a MYA fan. A irrelevant b!tch that know one cares about so your opinion doesnt matter.
    Long Distance is 20x better than If I Were A Boy.

  8. aspade

    i dont care for it but the song has potential to do good. i am so disappointed in this brandy project even though she has good music most of the time, im not liking these first two singles, their just blah to me and hope she has some standout ones on the album. her vocals always been okay its just at times it seems the track didnt match what her vocals were trying to give to the song.

  9. Fresh Prince22

    this is brandy at her finest…ballad wise….let\’s hope she makes a GOOD video…not like the right here video..

  10. F00L

    This s0nG iS wAY b3tt3r thAn thAt duMb If I Were A Boy wHiCH B3y0nC3 sT0L3 tHAt c0nC3pT fR0m CiARa

  11. Lil' Nello

    I love this song a lot it’s real soulful & real & you could definitely relate even if you have never been in a situation like that before! I think it’s a real good choice for her next single can’t wait for her album & what video concept she comes up with for this record!

  12. jemaine

    She is offcial back brandy nice real single is not many nice R&B records out right now Brandy about take over and go to the grammy\’s with this one like Darkchild say is a classic yes it is and im a huge fan of beyonce and ashanti but as for right now this shit is number 1 is real

  13. jemaine

    My girl brandy gonna hit big like Never Say Never have you ever cd.

  14. branfan07

    i love this song!!!!!!

  15. [email protected]

    Not her best work….

  16. madchild87

    PANTS!!! I love Brandy and I really don\’t understand why she\’s back tracking. Afrodisiac was a sick album but the stuff I\’m hearing off this new release doesn\’t seem to be measuring up. Someone mad a comment about Brandy and ballads but really, compared to When You Touch Me or I Tried or even Put That On Everything, this song is PANTS!!!

    p.s. people can stop the Beyonce comparrisons cos both songs are rubbish!!!
    Very disappointing!

  17. StayAfro

    The Brandy Track show cases strong vocals..and she hasnt done a balled in a long time..its very grand..and and meaningful, and is gona b somthing that gets a lot of play cos its different compared to the rhianna stuff..and deep down i think that brandy jus warmin up for the power that shes gona have on her album.. trus me. 5 Stars

  18. lovemya

    Boo boo this song still suxs boo boo

  19. ali

    This is a great song. Lyrically it could be about breakup, death, moving, someone going to college. And with Brandy’s vocals it’s all the more emotional! love it.