New Music: Kanye West – ‘Heartless’


Mr. West does it again. Earlier this evening, Kanye leaked the second single off his fourth album 808s & Heartbreak on his site. The track finds ‘Ye rapping and singing with “the funnest thing to use” aka Auto-Tune.

Make sure you read our write-up from Tuesday’s L.A. album listening and see the revealing photos on Kanye’s blog. Warning: Lots of nekkidness.

Kanye West – “Heartless”

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  1. Damnn

    “How Could You Be So *Heartless*??”
    The Snipped Version Was Already Cool
    But, Damnn This is A Damn Dope Song
    Very Nice & Creative With That Auto-Tune



  3. TheGetUpBoy

    I love Heartless and I think it\’s a great song, but it\’s not what I expected. I remember hearing this song for the first time when the audio from the National Democratic Convention leaked online. I heard it then, and although the audio was rather lousy, I thought it was incredible. It had this amazing bass line to it and an incredible melody that played at the end of chorus. It was so incredible and this just sounds weak compared to it. Look up the preformance at the Democratic National Convention on YouTube. It\’s 2:41.

  4. Moe

    Man this song sends chills down my spine!!! i mean dayuuummmmm OMG kanye is the shiz!!!! xD kanye ftw man holy shizzle!!