Eminem ‘The Way I Am’ Book Release Party


Eminem made a rare public appearance at the release party for his new book, The Way I Am, at NORT/Recon in New York on Wednesday. Joining Em were 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, LL Cool J, and The Alchemist.

wayiam_eminem.jpg wayiam_50_em.jpg wayiam_gunit.jpg wayiam_ll.jpg wayiam_cudi.jpg wayiam_alchemist.jpg

Photos (top to bottom): Eminem, 50 Cent and Em, G-Unit, LL Cool J, Kid Cudi, and The Alchemist.

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  1. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    Em doesn’t look happy. I think he is on pills again…


    i’ve never seen a piture of him smiling! he shud try living my life then he wouldn’t have anything 2 smile about!

  3. cocoabean

    50 actually looks like an ape in these photos…

  4. Davey

    is it me or does Em look sick/pale?

    whats wrong with him :(

  5. Ladyv

    I thought Eminem had gained 200 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stak

    thats not even eminem. take a closer look, its just some one the looks like him.. is eminem dead?

  7. delay

    You people are insane, fist of all Em is a human if hes sad maybe its because he pore his soul out for hiphop just for everyone to spit in his face the moment he took a break now its I think this I think that is he dead thats not him Grow up. Thats him hes just like you sad.
    the enconomy is going to hll and Em cant do anything about it kinda hurts! he just lost proof what cause hes famous that means hes not gonna show pain and smile for everybody, you talking about 50 looking like an ape? well how about 50 just stops making music and lets all of you go ape sht! oh one last note how about all you little young kids give Dr Dre some respect and honor him!!! how about demanding he get a star! no, more like a blackhole for what he has given us! shame on all of you for talking smack thats why your dream artist dont make music anymore cause it started with how you see them and it ends the same way! oh and marrie I think you should hang it up already!

    Aftermath for life!
    listen to Bishop Lamont Grow up Produced by Dr Dre, maybe then we are people can learn that life is a one way ticket start impacting those that have impacting us! maybe we can see them again! cause I miss that sht! \’they dont luv you\’

  8. bass_man

    Em looks disturbed.

  9. Catie

    Yeah, Eminem doesn’t look too good. He also looks like got lip injections or something, haha.

    Also, what’s with 50 Cent’s face? It’s like he’s trying to do a sexy face or something.

  10. maba

    He looks sick!


    look at the second picture…at em\’s sideburns…hes hair isen\’t blond……anymore…new look???

  12. dan bailey

    your right, thats not really em, he has a double, he uses him in all of his ads and stuff, its the same dude on the shady ltd. pics.

    i like eminem fans, email me sometime, ill email you back: [email protected]

  13. pradeep

    Dudes chill yea em does look a bit disturbed but it could be juz bcoz he was in a bad mood or sumthing. Doesnt mean he\’s pills again or shit like that…

  14. Jay

    first of all dummies it is em. just because his hair isnt blond doesnt mean its not him(his real hair color is BROWN)SECOND he\’s not smiling because he NEVER smiles in his pictures. GET YA FACTS RIGHT AND STOP TRYN TO CLOWN SOMEBODY. lame