Darkchild Vlog #5: Can Michael Jackson Make a Comeback?

Is a Michael Jackson comeback in the near future? Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, the producer behind hits such as MJ’s “You Rock My World,” speaks about working on the King of Pop’s new album in his fifth Darkchild Vlog for Rap-Up.com. He also shares his thoughts on how the legendary singer can stage a successful return to music.

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  1. M* of SunriseSundown.BLogspot.com

    Basically MJ betta GO hard or STAY home in nevernever ranch!!


    I CANT WAIT, its been a long time, and a new generation wants to see MJ get down again. MJ needs a GRAND return!!!!

    and mr darkchild will hit it, he did it b4 with tha rock my world joint!

    thnkzz for the scoop.

  2. Tina

    He needs to talk about Ciara\’s album because what he did with her on the Evolution was Hot and she confirmed him as a producer on the new album.

  3. Catie

    I don’t know if any young people, for the most part, would buy a new MJ album. I know that alot of his fans from when he first came out would support him but i don’t seem much support from the younger generation.

    Darkchild needs to talk about Britney’s new album, i’d love to hear more info.

  4. William

    I agree 100% that he needs to TOUR again. But he NEEDZ TO TOUR THE USA AS WELL! He hasn’t toured the USA in 20 years. It would spark interest in his home country if he toured… NO doubt, it needs to be his longest tour. Like 155 dates in different parts of all continents. It would be quite an effort.. but definitely worth it. The biggest comeback will have then been completed.

  5. MemoriesDreamer

    I have been a Michael Jackson fan for about 20 years and by being constantly in touch with the MJ fan community, I have noticed a big wave of new Michael Jackson fans coming along. Those are mostly teenagers and young people in their early 20s. They weren’t even born in 1982 when “Thriller” came out, and still they list it as their favorite album. I think it is impressive and it shows that his fan base is expanding even nowadays. Both his younger and older fans would like to see him perform again.

  6. kean

    well. as long MJ keeps hiding himself in that lasvegas hotel room, there will be NO comeback. I love the man, Been a fan for 20 years, but what the hell, if he keeps postboning a a release date for a new album and not giving a shit about his career, than I for one gonna let him go……

  7. friend

    I\’d LOVE to see MJ make a return at least for a short while. MJ is consistent. He has NEVER been one to make albums every year. He\’s only been gone three short years so I don\’t see why so many feel he\’s been gone too long. He\’s usually gone 4-5yrs. MJ has children now and they take priority, but if he ever wanted to release another album and do a mini world tour I\’d be there in a minute. Quite frankly Im bored with music right now, and I couldn\’t care less about Brittany or Beyonce, and I don\’t even like Ne-Yo. Where are the real stars?

  8. friend

    Is there a market for Michael Jackson in the United States? I don’t think so.

  9. bass_man

    I agree 100%!

    And Rodney: It was the All for You tour, not the Velvet Rope. ooo Janet’s gonna get him.

  10. squiffy4jacko

    The whole world is waiting for Michaels new album, but no one more than me. I\\\’ve been a fan since \\\’72 and feel that no one comes near. I hope that if he does tour he concentrates on his new material. Everything you hear is at least 15 years old and yet every album is better than the last. Invincible is my fave and I cant believe those tracks get ignored. I think his confidence may have taken a massive knock and a tour will be too much for him, but I also think that he doesnt need these also-rans to get back, he\\\’s too good. C\\\’mon michael, we miss you so much.