Guess the Legs



It’s Solange, who was killing them softly in a black dress, at an event for her album SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams in Madrid, Spain.

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  1. Tha King


  2. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    That fucking bitch!!!

  3. KWalls

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ya’ll mofos quit hating!!!!!!!!
    Her album was the SHIT!!!!!!!!

  4. Joey

    I didn’t know she was here! :S

  5. jopacangrie

    eeewww what a nasty legs wak!!!

  6. leeca

    yall sum buccin haters gay up solange looks gud work it gurl I can\\\’t believe I jus said dat she looks better den rhi rhi granted I like rihanna n I thnk she iz mad sexy n I like hea songs but she can\\\’t sing or dance gud at least if ciara can\\\’t sing dat gud she got stage presence n she can dance n entertain hea ass off n datz what rhi rhi lacks y\\\’all sum haterz solange can sing n she can dance n entertain hea ass of n da album n hea style iz hot.

  7. sal

    she’s so sexy wow i love her

  8. sal

    wow im really in love with her. ill fuck her so hard wow lol