Exclusive: Solange to Tour with Beyoncé


Last week, Mathew Knowles broke the news that Beyoncé will embark on a 110-date world tour that will begin in April 2009 and trek through Canada, Europe, the U.S. (with a one-week stint in Las Vegas), Mexico, South America, Japan, Africa, and Australia. But what you didn’t hear was that Beyoncé won’t be the only Knowles on the road.

Discussions are under way for Solange to join her big sis’ on tour. After seeing the elder Knowles rock arenas, fans would be able to go to a more intimate location and watch Solange perform at an official “after-party.” Specific details have yet to be announced.

Beyoncé is scheduled to release her third album I Am… Sasha Fierce on November 18th, while Solange’s sophomore release SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams is available now.

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  1. Rodra

    That would be so COOL! Could B and S performe in Europe? That would def make my day! lol

  2. hiphop

    110 tour date! She is very selfish! What about jay? Why she doesn\’t have kids with him? How long will be Jay & bey married? Mm, until 09!

  3. BT

    thank god beyonce has some long coattails for solange to ride on….

    and im sure beyonce wont even appear at the “after party” she will be at the hotter club down the street

  4. Tane

    I Gives No Fuck bout beyonce and that whack mess she sellin this time around. i\’m ridin wit Solange tho

  5. leeca

    Tane why da bucc u come to comment on a my queen b if u don\’t like hea she don\’t give a bucc if u like hea or not she still gon gon doe but solange iz tight doe I bought hea album n it\’s coo it\’s different n I like dat

  6. bass_man

    110! Are you fucking serious. She’s going to age 5 years.

    lol BT

    I don’t think that’d be a good look for Solange though. I thought she was just her God Given Name.

  7. Conclusivity

    Solange said she wanted to distance herself from her big sis…But now she\’s going on tour with her? WTF? LOLOLOL