Lauryn Hill Meets Martha Stewart


Lauryn Hill made a rare appearance in the last place we’d expect to see her, at Martha Stewart’s signing for her new book, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Lessons for the Home Cook. Hill came to meet the Domestic Diva at Williams-Sonoma in New Jersey and brought along her kids, who were snapped wearing Abercrombie & Fitch and eating cookies.

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  1. Curt

    Lauryn’s kids look nice, but idk about Lauryn, besides the unhappy face, she looks a little unkempt.

  2. Trizzy

    What happened to L-Boogie? It hurts to see it.

  3. Afhair THe Salon

    Negative comments keeps people like Lauren in Hiding. She looks great who has time to put on make up when you out and about with your kids. If she had on make up you all would have notice L boogie she is a mom here and fan of Martha\\\’s cooking. More moms should take a note and raise their kids and not be so selfish its only 18 years you get to know your personal fans before they become one of us.

  4. Curt

    believe me, I am not being negative. She looks a little sickly. Im just being honest, Is that too much to say. Some ppl need a reality check.

  5. Adrienne Brown

    FYI, she did not go there to meet Martha Stewart. After picking up her children from school, she went there (Williams-Sonoma) simply to shop. Someone approached her to let her know that MS was there and requested a photo, though she was not prepared for a photo, she obliged. Pretty gracious of her, wouldn’t you say? Under the circumstances I wonder how many of you would have done that.