Video: T.I. Guests on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

T.I. is still making the media rounds. His latest stop was “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he was interviewed (above) and performed “Whatever You Like” (below).

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  1. Missy

    T.I. interviews with Chelsea Handler, Tyra Banks, and Jimmy Kimmel are all the same. Same questions, same answers…even his posture is the same. I understand that celebrities do this but…Com’on give me a break. Its not real.


    His music is still NICE!

  2. word

    whatever missy.. he\’s got a great story to tell and it should be heard as many times possible. It\’s more real than you\’ll ever be, dig it.
    his music is beyond amazing.

  3. secret

    Yes, his interviews all seem the same on those shows, because they all want to know the same things! Do you expect his answers to be different, for each person asking the exact same questions?? This is his life, and not something that\’s made up, like so many of these other rappers. He\’s being open and honest, and the truth is the truth, plain and simple. Only lies change. I totally respect him as a person, and artist. My personal opinion, he has one of the best styles, and personalities, in the music industry. A real, humble, and down to earth gentleman. His music is icing on the cake!!! Wish him the best!!!brazil1