2008 MTV Europe Music Awards: Red Carpet


Beyoncé arrives at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, U.K. Leona Lewis, Solange, Pink, Estelle, and more below.

ema08_solange.jpg ema08_leona.jpg ema08_pink.jpg ema08_estelle.jpg ema08_travis.jpg

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  1. Kamaria

    no hating on estelle or nuffing but her boob s are just too high and the dress is ugly! But hey Go estelle!

  2. Space-Fruit

    B and Leona were wearing the same shoes?))

  3. lovemya

    Beyonce or sasha looks fierce

  4. sushi

    wow beyonce is really trying. she wants so bad to start a trend like rhianna

  5. BhrisB

    What trrend has rhianna set????
    Please let me know.
    Beyonce is the Greast of our time.
    Rhi is just a rookie.

  6. dan

    ähm…remember the hair?

    last year everyone rocked rihannas haircut

    and beyonce is trying to do it with the gauntlet…

  7. MIA

    As for the trend rihanna has set, the whole edgy super fashonista meets glamor and the whole short edgy hair isthose are soo Rihanna\’s trends….Bey is great but she does look like she trying with the pose and the gloves..anywhoo, estelle looks cute, Leona needs a new stylistt (im soo tired of her frumpy high school target dress look) she is very pretty but why does she dress like that…pink the dress is 2 much for the EMA\\\’s…lol…but SO WHAT..lol

  8. SuperB


  9. lovemya

    did riri really set it cause I remember it being on the runway first.. and pop stars have been doin the edgy thing for a while its just becoming a trend in the rnb world now

  10. Catie

    Solange looks better than Beyonce, yes i said it. What is Beyonce doing wearing that stupid thing on her hand? All i know is that it looks ridiculous.

  11. amy

    okay stop hating on beyonce.
    the only reason you all are.. is because she has set such high standards for herself in the past that when she does something that isn’t 100% perfect you think she is a loser. Well Beyonce is a better artist than Rihanna and yes Rihanna’s hair is cool and chic but that doesnt mean she is a trend setter, heaps of people had that haircut before her and she obviously got it off someone else. And are you joking Beyonce set a trend way way way before Rihanna suposable did… HELLO BOOTYLICIOUS!!!!!!!! BEYONCE MADE BEING CURVACEOUS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF..now if you ask me that is a better trend to be setting than some dumb haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. dan

    maybe someone had that haircut before….
    but after rihanna the whole world rocked

    i\’m not hating on beyonce, i like her… i think she is way too much, and way too much promoted…she is doing her job, yes… but it dont think its that great that she is everywhere, so that you\’re glad when the albums out, so you dont have to see everywhere anymore

    and the curvaceous thing…it was not just beyonce, it was beyonce and j.lo

    love estelle
    but the dress…no no…

  13. lovemya

    okay but Riri is everywhere she has brought out eight singles.. If that is not over promotion I dont know what is

  14. amy

    umm if anything beyonce is underpromoted!!!!!!!Rihanna is everywhere i look and it drives me mental..
    j-lo didnt sing a song about curves know did she?!!!?!!? Beyonce did!! so i have a feelin Beyonce was the trendsetter of that one..